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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Introduction To Green House Poly House

Introduction To Green House Poly House 

The farmer is leaving the farming profession and doing some other business today, The reason for this is climate change, due to which farmers lose a lot.

In our country 95% people using technique known as traditional agriculture technique, For a good profit in agriculture field we need to use new techniques, Like green house poly house farming.

Introduction To Green House Poly House

If you want, you can also do this by creating Farmer Producer Organization, Corporate Society.

In India, we import many types of fruits, flowers and vegetables from outside countries.

If we grow these fruits, flowers and vegetables in our country using modern techniques, then we can earn a very good profit from it. 

Green House

A similar environment is prepared for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the green house as is necessary for their cultivation.

Advantage of High-tech Nursery 

  • conditions controlled
  • Humidity controlled
Because of this you can take production round the year, Only because of this millions of trees you can prepare here.

Poly House 

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Light Intensity
  • Ventilation
  • Disease Control
  • Irrigation 
  • Fertilizer
Everything is controlled under poly house, Because of which we can get good crop.

Poly House Farming Area

Poly house is of 500-4000 square meter, Can be made in the area.

These Things Have To Be Kept In Mind To Make Poly House

Naturally ventilated poly house In this we can apply any off season crop.

As you know, cucumber does not occur in winter, but in it we can harvest it well And in such a situation, farmers brothers also get higher rates and profits are also higher.

The biggest advantage of this is that in this we create an off-season crop and earn more profit than this.

Flower farming

Flower farming is most beneficial in Poly House, Rose, marigold etc Plants are prepared in poly houses. 

Crops produced in poly houses are more productive than field crops.

Crops are also grown in open fields along with poly house.


Poly house requires a lot of care so that the crop is not damaged.

Generally, here net house is in 1100 to 1200 square meter, If you cultivate tomatoes in it, So here you get very good crop because all this benefit is due to net houses.

Here, every plant you will get min 15 to 20 kg of tomatoes, the benefits of net houses are every plant grows more than 25 to 30 feet because of growth of a plant it gives you more benefits.

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