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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Top 3 Instagram Reels Effects For Business

Top 3 Instagram Reels Effects For Business

Top 3 Instagram Reels Effects For Business, Have you been hearing all the buzz about Instagram Reels and its amazing organic reach, but you're feeling overwhelmed at yet another thing to learn? Instagram Algorithm 2020 Full Explained

3 Instagram Reels Effects
Top 3 Instagram Reels Effects For Business

Here you will learn a brand new feature for Instagram, because in this article I've shared most used 3 reels effects. 

For this purpose you need to find reels in the Instagram app, so here we will see the review of it.

▶️INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business

How To Find Effects 

  1. Open Your Instagram Account.
  2. Go to the camera icon in the upper-left.
  3. you will see three option, Live, story, reels
  4. Tap On Reels.
  5. Editing function of reels will open in Instagram.

Another way to Find Effects

  1. Go to your profile section
  2. You will see + button in the upper-left.
  3. Click on + button.
  4. Open reels option.
  5. You'll be in  editing functionality of Reels.
You have to Add in it or tap on the sparkly, happy face on the left hand side where you're going to find effects.

You'll see at the bottom that a few effects appeared, so these are the effects that you have to add  in your stories.

You will see many effects here just by scrolling it down they'll automatically going to be appeared.

So if you read all above then you'll understand the special effects for that you came here, so let's see

  1. The Special effect named as "Papaya Pink". Tap on this effect.
  2. Then just tap on "browse effects".
  3. Now you're in the Instagram's effect library.  
  4. here you will find all the effects.

Top 3 Instagram Reels Effects For Business

  1. Square film or 8MM.
  2. small business Q & A
  3. green screen 

How To Find These Effects In APP

  1. tap on search button.
  2. Type "Square film".
  3. Here you'll see the effect.
  4. Tap on try it.
So there's nothing too fancy beyond what you see here, but the reason behind that why business people using it is because it's going to make your real pop.  

8MM Effect

How To Find These Effects In APP

  1. tap on search button.
  2. Type "8MM".
  3. Here you'll see the effect.
  4. Tap on try it.
"What you're going to do in B2B is this." So you can see that it gives you a bit of a retro effect.

  So if this suits your brand or even the tip that you're going to share, or the music choice that you choose, checkout this effect to make your video.

2.small business Q & A

let's go ahead and find it,

How To Find These Effects In APP

  1. editing Feature
  2. tap happy face
  3. tap on title (effect down there)
  4. tap on browse effect
  5. type "small business"
  6. spell it correct "smallbusiness Q and A".
  7. you will see effect made by Alice Benham, tap on it.
  8. Tap on "try it"
What you have to do with this effect is tap on record button and tap on what's on my head.

    Reason to use this effect is, it asks you a question that you can share that's relevant to your business, The creator of the effect has brain stormed a ton of questions. 

    You can do exactly what I did, tap the little title and you're going to be given a question that you can answer on the spot in less than 15 seconds.   

    So go ahead and try this kind of Reel if you're ever at a loss for ideas of what to share.

    3. Green Screen Effect

    This effect is really great because you can actually pull up screenshots from your camera roll. They could be testimonials.

    They could be questions that you got via email, and then you can appear on camera and actually answer them.

    How To Find These Effects In APP

      1. go to the reels
      2. tap on happy face
      3. tap on little
      4. tap on browse effect 
      5. type "green screen"
      6. tap on "add media"
      7. pull open it.
      This effect has one major problem that it will not fit on screen, so what you have to do it "zoom out".

      When you'reusing the green screen, you're going to want to position yourself a little out of frame or you're going to have to duck.

      Once you have your screenshot positioned, what you're going to do is hit the record button and then point or kind of dance, or like kind of under line what you want to highlight. 

      Basically what you have to do here is just to highlight the results that you got in your screenshot.

      So this is a great way, like I said, to showcase a testimonial, or you can also showcase a question that you got in your DMs, or even in your email, let me show you what this looks like.

      So once again, go inside the green effect, tap on add media and prepare a question, that will be your DM that you got from someone.

      You need to do here is just to pinch to make sure that you can actually see it.

      Now, just hold the record button, read the question and answer it. 

      How it looks, 

      Hey ***, I want to know about you offer and it looks good. 

      So it's just that simple using the green screen effect.

      You need only to screenshot any questions that you get in the DMs or in your emails. And as you can see from this demo, if you use a vertical screenshot, that's going to fit the dimensions of the green screen effect a little bit better.


      Now a days Instagram is used for business purpose, many know that how to use Instagram for business and many are doing business using Instagram.

      Instagram is very popular because it has more tha 1 billion active users.

      Where people knows how to make money using any platform like Instagram there as you know the word known as "competition".

      To Do business better using Instagram you need to update yourself and implement all new strategies.

      Top 3 Instagram Reels Effects For Business, Use it and see the magic.

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