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Monday, September 7, 2020

Why Business Is Better Than Job

Why Business Is Better Than Job

Why business is better than job everyone knows about job and business but in this article we will see all things why business is better, Business means you are going to start your own company and job means you are working for another one.

Why Business Is Better Than Job
Why Business Is Better Than Job

What is job?

The meaning of job is you're working under anyone, which company is private, government or for any person, Anything you are doing under anybody is called as Job.

Job pays pays you monthly salary which is only for your living expenses, here you cannot imagine to live extraordinary life, but here you don't have any type of tension to live. 

Types of Jobs

1. You're working under government organization
2. Working in very big private organization
3. working under persons, CA, barrister or Architect etc. 

What is Business?
What is business, Here all decisions are yours, what you think is applied here, Here you have to listens to everybody but you are applying only what you think like economical decision or any other, where you have the power to take decisions is also called as business. 

If you started a business of curtain in low budget and sell is just in small market but here you have a chance to grow, may be this curtains business is going to be big in future, maybe you will sell your curtains all over the country, maybe all over the world. 

Generally people only understand the business that is too big like reliance, TATA or Tesla And this is a very big misconception of the people. And if I can't be a Tata, then a job is good for me 90% peoples have this concept.

Nowadays people call business as a startup, Business gets starts on any level. 



Everybody knows Facebook, but do you know how it started, mark (founder of Facebook) started first Website, Hot or not, here he got idea to start this website is told his 4 friends about this website, but only only friend supported him and now they both are billionaires.

Hot or not is a website where peoples post their pictures and others hitting as hot or not, After implementing this websites it becomes Facebook, when it gets millions of users, also came advertisers, and now everybody knows mark is a millionaire.

Other success examples I Will Do It On My Own.

Comparison of Job and Business

Life Of a Business ( owner )

Business owner has high stress.

Life Of a Job ( Employee)

Generally employees living their life without stress and they has better life.


Effort Of a Business ( owner )

Business Owners efforts are more, because he have to think and apply what is right for his company, also efforts required establish a good company and to choose a Effective team.

Business Owners have more pressure, sometimes they have to sacrifice their sleep, and many more things and also compromise.

Effort Of a Job ( Employee)

Job employees also have to put lot of efforts to become a top employee of company, Basically if job is compared with business then job is best for those who just want to live a simple life without pressure and without compromises. 


Making Money Of a Business ( owner )

Making money for business owners does not have any limits.

Making Money Of a Job ( Employee)

As a job employee you'll get decided salary after every 30 days and here you have to wait for the growth of position or salary. 


Learning Of a Business ( owner )

Business owners have to learn about aspects of life. 

Learning Of a Job ( Employee)

Job employees have to learn about how can i do better than other to get growth fast. 


Risk Of a Business ( owner )

Risk is very high for business owners because business owners have to learn about new things what is going on in market, what actually peoples want, and implement all the new strategies.

Here if owner not implemented all strategies in his business, then business start getting big loss. 

Risk Of a Job ( Employee)

Very less risks for jobs employees, if employee lost their job for any issue then he can apply in other company and he will be rehired in another company. 


Freedom of a business ( owner )

For a business owner no free time in starting days but after a certain amount of time period nobody has free than a business owner. 

Freedom Of a Job ( Employee)

Employees don't have free time in there working hours, if anybody is on the higher position then even he don't get time to spend with family.


Responsibility of a business ( owner )

Business owner has responsibility of a company, nobody have this much responsibility than a business owner. 

Responsibility Of a Job ( Employee)

Job employee also have a responsibility of a particular project that is assigned to them, to complete and submit before deadline. 

Employees at same position rate
Remaining Employees at same   
At Same Position more than 

series 1 - 5.6% (less than year)
series 2 - 16.7% (More than 1 year )
series 3 - 23.6% (more than 3 years)
series 4 - 34.1% (more than 5 years )
series 5 - More than 10 years

Security of a business owner

As you can see a success decides everything in life but a successful businessman is more secured than a successful jobholder. 

Success rate of Business ( According to time period )

Only 11.6% businesses are successful success rate here is calculated as per time period, only 11.6% of businesses are running more than 5 years. 

Satisfaction Rate ( Businessman and Employee )

If you study about job seekers, more than 86% of jobholders are dissatisfied with their job.  VS More than 86% of businessman's are satisfied with their business. 

Why Business is Better?


Many people have their dream to start their own business but as they can see big businesses they think i want to start this business but i don't have that much capital to start it, so they go in USA, UK or UAE, for work. 

They are working their for 4-5 years, and as you know if you work in any organization you start getting hike in job like position or salary increments. Same is happening with them, but they know why we came here in Western countries, they returned back to their own countries and started business?

⇉ If you understand what happened actually in above query, This is very critical thing 99% peoples can't do this, When they are started working in other big Developed countries, they get offer hike in salary, more increments, but as you know mind is everything, still they left from that job just for to start their own business.

After a couple of months they realized they did wrong, but if you can understand here, what happened when you leave out from your comfort zone, If you left from your job, to start your own business but you know also that business has its own plus and minus.

Their mindset is fixed until they don't started their own business but when they started their own business they started thinking job is better. 


You Only have time now, To take risk to fulfill your dreams, No matters your business going to be successful or unsuccessful it depends upon lot of factors, but after trying this the regret in your mind is gone out successfully. 

Its all depends on you, Business is always better than job, because if you run your business successfully you will able to live a life which you dream for which is not possible in job. 

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