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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Take Advantage Of YouTube - Read These 9 Tips

Take Advantage Of YouTube - Read These 9 Tips

Take Advantage Of YouTube - Read These 9 Tips, In today's Time everybody knows YouTube is a video sharing platform and many peoples are use this platform for their entertainment, to learn something new and many more things you can see on YouTube.

YouTube is a platform where peoples are uploading their own videos for others because YouTube giving the opportunity for everybody to show their talent and from these they are getting right opportunities in their life.

Take Advantage Of YouTube - Read These 9 Tips
Take Advantage Of YouTube - Read These 9 Tips

Do you know about YouTube history? The co-founder of YouTube named as Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, steve chen, Jokingly they made YouTube, And the CEO of Google said This YouTube will beat all tv industries in future. 

YouTube is a platform where video content creator and viewer is you and you only. YouTube only shows you the videos which you want to watch and tv shows that videos which he want to show you. 

Once jawed karim want to watch a controversy video of Janette Jackson and he searching on google, finding a ways how to watch that video but there is no platform is available to watch videos om internet.

At that time it came to his mind that how many people would have liked to watch videos, that time these three Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, steve chen made YouTube, By thinking other places everybody has cameras and this YouTube platform gives a chance to share videos which they captured. 

Co-founders who made YouTube like this, where viewers come to watch a single video and go out by watching 5 videos these are 74% of viewers. 26% viewers are spending their maximum time on YouTube.

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Due to this system, where peoples are searching what other peoples wants to watch, what i want make to get views by others, due to this where peoples are spending their time where automatically advertiser also comes. 

Peoples are building their career as a YouTube creator, because it is a platform where no need of any educational degrees anybody can upload amazing videos what they have and which other peoples want to watch. 

Advantages Of YouTube  - 9 Tips

1. Vimeo is for professional videos, Dailymotion, Facebook videos, these are competitors of YouTube but very small in comparison to YouTube.

YouTube is second largest video sharing platform and and growing because it is platform which is continuously increasing and implementing by other peoples because others are working to give better performance to viewers. 

2. As you know 7.5 Billion is population of world, and more than 2 billion peoples are active on YouTube and in coming days more than 60% peoples stole their television and shifts on the YouTube, and you won't belie that 40% new generation will ask to their parents, What is TV And how it looks like. 

3. YouTube gives you option/features to involve with your audience, because you can share your favourite video, like, comment, you can watch videos again and again here, Just because of these features YouTube has a great platform.

4. YouTube has simplified ads because YouTube shows related ads to his viewers, but TV takes advantage of your strength because he shows ads when your favourite show has climax scene, in 30 minutes shows you have to watch 14 minutes of Ads. 

5. In Today's Time peoples are watching YouTube On TV now these scene is in smart houses but in future all things will be same. 

6. As you know On YouTube creator has a relation with his subscribers, Content is uploaded on YouTube as per subscribers demand.

7. YouTube don't have limitations of niche, YouTube has unlimited targeted focused content stream, which is not available on YouTube.

8. YouTube has different niches for different types of viewers, like learning channels, money making ideas channels, songs channels, movies channels and many more. 

9. YouTube thinks considering consumers, YouTube is very strict now you cannot upload copyrighted content here, only you and you gets benefits of your content not others.

Take Advantage Of YouTube - Read These 9 Tips, If you really serious about your career then you have to think once about YouTube Platform.

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