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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Instagram Story Ideas For Business

Top Instagram Story Ideas For Business 

Top Instagram Story Ideas For Business, As you all know about Instagram stories, everybody posts stories because this option is available for all Instagram users.

Instagram Story Ideas For Business
Instagram Story Ideas For Business 

If you have a business on Instagram and you're posting stories related to you business but not getting that much response from that stories so you're at the right place because in this article I've shared top Instagram story ideas for your business.

Here you need to be consistent in your feed posting and in showing up in your Instagram Stories. But what happens on the day where you're sitting in your office, sipping your coffee, thinking, wow,nothing interesting is going on today. don't know what to share.

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If you've ever struggled with being consistent for your business's Instagram Stories, you're in the right place. Because here you will get top Instagram Story ideas for your business.

Top Instagram Story Ideas For Business 

  1. The first idea is this it's to share today's agenda. It's that simple. Now you can jump on camera like this and share with your audience what's coming up for you that day. Or if you don't feel like being on camera, you can literally type out what are the main meetings and calls that you have for the day. Basically take your followers behind the scenes, into what goes on during your day. 
  2. The second idea you can share in the morning is today's number one goal. So if you don't feel like leading people through your entire agenda, just share with them what your number one goal is, or your number one focus, maybe it's to complete a blog post, maybe it's to hold a fashion shoot,maybe it's to email your list, or maybe it's just to post to your Instagram, let your followers know what's your number one focus for the day.
  3. The third idea for the morning is how you're feeling in just one. It can be that simple. Check in with yourself and share with your followers how are you feeling? Are you feeling tired because you didn't get much sleep last night? Are you feeling super caffeinated? Are you feeling really excited to accomplish your number one goal? Check in with yourself and share this with your followers. This is just one more way that humanizes you as a business. Slightly overwhelmed - yesterday, I spent the day on boarding a new team member, so I really didn't do work. And today I'm just like, Oh my God, I've so much work to do. 
  4. The fourth idea you can share is your morning routine. Do you have a morning routine?Does it change every day? Share that with your followers, lead them through the things that you do that gets you in the right frame of mind for your workday. For me, it's literally rolling out of bed and making coffee. And if I can't make coffee with my French press, I will go downstairs and buy some from the coffee shop. Then I will open up my laptop. I don't shower. I don't meditate. I don't run. I get to work right away. And I look at my inbox. I look at my Slack messages and I just get a sense of what's going on today because sometimes there's little fires and you need to rejig the rest of your day. 
  5. The fifth idea of what you can share in the morning is simply your favorite book podcast, or even YouTube channel that you're loving right now. Your followers follow you for a reason. So if you can give them a recommendation of something that you're loving, whether it's a book, a movie,a podcast, a YouTube channel, go ahead and share that with your followers. And don't forget to tag the creator of whatever you're recommending in your Story, because they then will get a notification that you've tagged them and they get to share that Story with their followers. 
  6. The sixth idea of what you can share in the morning is the number one question on your mind right now. Maybe it's philosophical. Maybe it's esoteric, maybe it's strategic. Maybe it's personal. Feel free to share with your followers what's on your mind right now. Of course it has to be something that you feel comfortable sharing publicly. But again, just let your followers in just a little bit into what your personal life is or what your mindset is around your business for the day. Let's talk about the afternoon. Maybe it's been four or five hours since you last posted to your Stories, so it's time to post again.What can you share now? Well, if you shared your agenda or your number one goal in the morning, the afternoon is a great time to share an update on how your day is going. Have you crushed your goal already? Have you gone through half of your calls and your to do's? I know it doesn't sound that exciting from your perspective, but your followers will love to see how you are chugging along throughout your day. here update. Two things done out of six. I'm really excited about that and I'm showered and energized. So now I'm ready to do this day. I have a question for you. I had this idea in the shower. Isn't it funny how the best ideas... 
  7. The seventh idea for the afternoon could simply be a recap of a call that you hosted or you were on. So maybe you were coaching someone or maybe you were on a training call or a mastermind call, whatever it is in your business world. If there is one takeaway that your audience could benefit from, definitely share that in your Stories and stay tuned until the end where I'm going to share a formula that you can use in your Stories so that your people actually understand the context and why they should care and take action from them. 
  8. The eighth idea is to share a key question that a customer or a client asked you because chances are, if one person asks this question, there are followers of yours who are also wondering this same question. So go ahead and highlight, Hey, I was on a call earlier with a client and they asked me this and then go ahead and answer that question. That is straight up free value for your followers. So all this week I've been getting a lot of questions about what is a funnel. I've been talking about the Instagram funnel boot camp, but maybe you're not sure if that's what your business actually needs right now. So I just finished, like literally... 
  9. ninth idea to share in the afternoon is simply how you take a break. Listen, you're not a robot. I'm not a robot, I think. And so make sure you share with your followers, how you take a midday break. Do you go for a 20 minute walk? Do you grab another coffee? Do you take a nap? Like, whatever it is share with your followers, how you keep your energy up or how you recharge throughout your day. 
  10. The tenth idea that you can share in the afternoon is something totally random. It does not need to be business related at all. You can share a funny video of your cat or your dog. You can share something that your kid said that was funny. You can shuffle a tarot card deck and pull a card and read what it means to you. Literally something random shows your personality, shows your interests. I think one of my most engaged Stories was when I took a shaver and I shaved like little lint balls off my sweater. That got so many replies because people wanted that same tool. So don't be afraid to share something completely, a non-business related random,try it out and see what happens. 
  11. eleventh ideas is for evening. What can you share at the end of your workday, or even before you go to bed to cap off your Stories. Now, if you shared your agenda in the morning and then your update in the afternoon, the evening is a great time to share a recap of the entire day. I know this all sounds logistical and maybe boring, but I would give it a shot, share it with your followers and see if they respond to or resonate with seeing how your day goes. You're really positioning yourself as a leader when you share with your audience, what you set out to accomplish, and then you recap at the end of the day, what you did or didn't accomplish, and why. 
  12. twelve idea of what you can share at night is simply your plan for tomorrow. You see where this is going.There's kind of a theme. There's a lot around planning and doing, but that's business for you. So if you've got a big day coming up tomorrow, or if you are going to tackle the things you didn't get to today, share that with your audience. So yeah, my Mexican adventure has come to an end for now. Check out my latest post for the area or the region that I was in. I'd never heard of it until I got there. And tomorrow I'm off to Orlando for Funnel Hacking Live. Another thing you can share at night is how you decompress after a work day. Do you take a bath? Do you make dinner? Do you put your phone on airplane mode? What works for you? Go ahead and share that with your audience. Another thing you can share in the evening is a hobby that you have outside of work. Are you a marathon runner?Do you love cross stitching? Do you take improve classes? What's something totally unrelated to your business that you are really interested in? Go ahead and share that with your followers. 
  13. The thirteenth idea of something you can share in the evening in your Stories is something personal. Share a snippet of your family life, maybe at the dinner table or going for a walk, maybe share some scenic shots from around your neighborhood, but don't be afraid to mix the personal aspect into your business because at the end of the day, we're all humans and we all do business with humans. 
So here I've shared thirteen Instagram Story Ideas For Business, just use them to post stories on Instagram. 

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