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Friday, September 11, 2020

INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business

INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business

INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business Instagram reels is a new feature on Instagram which is for making of short and entertaining videos,  It is basically a invitation for you to create funny videos to share in your friends circle.

To make reels on Instagram you can use special effects with special tools already provided by Instagram, but here we will see how to make reels for business purpose for which you're are running on Instagram. 

INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business
INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business

If you haven't heard yet, Instagram has released its TikTok equivalent called Reels. It's 15 second video clips they're designed to be short, entertaining.  If you've ever struggled with video marketing in your business, or just coming up with ideas of what to create for your videos, you're in the right place.

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Because in this article you will see 10 Reel ideas that you can steal and create today to grow your business. Let's start,

10 INSTAGRAM REELS Content Ideas For Business

  1. The first Reel idea is probably the easiest and simplest to make. It is a 15 second talking head tip. If that sounds familiar, it's just like an Instagram story.  You can film yourself on camera sharing a tip in 15 seconds or less. Don't forget to add text, add music or any fun effects that look good to you. What do you do if you don't yet have the audio function in Reels? You make your own audio. You can record outside where it's a little bit noisy. You can record by the light of your laptop. The key is to hit this button and share a tip. 
  2. The second Reel idea is, Now this one's based off of a specific song called "Choices", but the filming is pretty easy. All you're going to do is play the song and then film your head shaking, After in editing, you're going to add a text on screen where you're going to pop up questions, ideally questions that your audience is often thinking, and you're going to answer them with your head shake. 
  3. The third Reel idea is "get to know me"and this one's pretty easy and fun to make too. All you have to do is go to the music and find a song that you like. Hopefully one with a good fun beat. Then you're going to film yourself smiling or even dancing to the music if you'd like. After filming, when you're editing your Reel, I encourage you to add text on screen that shares a small little story about you. Maybe how you got started in 15 seconds or less, or the story of how you got your very first customer or why you chose to have the business that you have today. Go ahead and share something personal in text over top of your recording.
  4. The fourth Reel idea is called before and after. And for this one, I recommend for you to scroll through the effects and find "green screen" by Instagram. This is one, it's so powerful. When you learn how to turn on the green screen effect, basically your background is going to go all green, you're then going to be able to pull up an image or a video from your camera roll that's going to appear right behind you. This could be a before picture of you before your business or a before picture of a client before they experienced your transformation from your coaching or your program or your services. So look for an image or a video that illustrates the before of what you do. And then you on screen, you're going to be representing the after. This visual is really powerful.
  5. The fifth Reel idea is called "Snappy tips" and this one's pretty fun and easy too. The idea is to find a clip of music, maybe it's available under the music feature, or you're finding someone else's audio, but find a piece of music that has a good snappy beat. Then you're just going to film yourself snapping to the beat. Then when you're editing the video, every time you snap, I want you to add a tip,a short and sweet tip, on screen at the same time that you snap. Now for this kind of video, you're going to have to make sure that the text appears at the time of your snap. I've covered how to do this right here in this video, so be sure to check it out. 
  6. The sixth Reel idea is what I call "book club". If you are an avid reader or maybe you're reading a book right now for fun, an easy, easy Reel that you can make is simply showing off a book that you're currently reading, or maybe it's a collection of books that you have found to be super helpful for you to grow your business.Go ahead and try this one out. You don't even have to be on camera. 
  7. The seventh Reel idea is called "office check". Maybe you've heard that audio on TikTok,boyfriend check, girlfriend check, hot mom check. This one,I'm calling office check. And so if you can't tell from my tone,it's also a little bit of a humble brag. So let's say your office is looking especially sparkly clean one day, go ahead and film a couple clips of your office. Show some of the small things that really represent you and your personality. Add some music and some text. The text could be as simple as "office check". Go ahead and give your followers a sneak peek into what it's like to work with you for a day. 
  8. The eighth Reel idea is called "outfit of the day". What I'm wearing has nothing to do with my business." And that's exactly the point. Instagram Reels are designed to be fun, short, entertaining clips. So you can definitely have fun with this, especially if what you wear has nothing to do with your business. Are you dressed up today? Are you dressed down today, like every day? Go ahead and share with your followers, your fashion sense or lack there of. Maybe what you wear day to day is kind of funny because you're all business up top and like pajama pants on the bottom.Go ahead and let your followers in. I don't think this is going to make you come across as unprofessional. It's going to make you human. 
  9. The ninth idea for your Reel is commentary on a current event. For this one, you're going to want to use the green screen effect. The first step is to open your phone, look at the news and find a headline or news article that's related to your industry. Take a screenshot.Then in Instagram Reels, you're going to use the green screen effect and pull up the screenshot so that it's actually behind you.Then I want you to record yourself, sharing your thoughts about this headline that's going to be right behind you in 15 seconds or less.With this type of Reel, you want to share your position on the headline. Maybe it's a little controversial.Maybe you're going to rant a little bit. Maybe you have a snarky cynical take on the headline, whatever it is, this is going to be a really great way for you to differentiate yourself from others in your market. 
  10. The 10th Reel idea is called myth versus truth. In this Reel, you're going to address a common belief that people in your industry or world have. What are other people in your industry saying that you disagree with? I want you to come on camera and state this out loud. Then in the rest of the time that you have left, I want you to share what the new belief is, the true way of thinking is. Now, of course you only have 15 seconds, so you're going to have to be short and sweet and snappy. But if you get this right, you might actually be able to change the beliefs of your followers in one 15 second video. This is powerful because once your followers have the right beliefs in place that might make them more likely to become customers to your business.

So there you have it. 10 Reel ideas that will keep you busy. I know I'm still working through that list, but I promise you, this is a brand new feature from Instagram, so if you take the time to make the Reels and experiment with this new feature, chances are your Reel is going to get way more, reach new eyeballs, more views on it than any other piece of content that you've created for Instagram. 

I know I'm seeing this across the board. People's views are like 10X what they normally would be. So if you're feeling a little keen, a little curious, go ahead and try one of these ideas today.

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