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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship

Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship 

Top 5, Myths Of Entrepreneurship You need to break some barriers, Some concepts must be changed, Sometimes the Beliefs of society must also challenge, Because when the world is changing so fast, some rules should also be changed.

Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship
Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship 

Here we have to break through our minds the myths of the business world, which can convince every businessman and upcoming entrepreneur.

Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneur 

  1. Do not do business with your family or friends
It's a common misconception in every business because people think that by doing business with family members or with friends, your business ends in the future. 

1. Perhaps those who don't think so know that 3 friends started Starbucks Cafe together. 
2. McDonald's first concept and first restaurant opened by two real brothers. 

This thinking is totally wrong skip this thought.

       2.If You're good at something don't do it for free 

People have created this barrier in their mind by watching some Hollywood movies and reading some books, do not think in short term, If you are sure of yourself and your work, then dare to plan long term.

Imagine that you have a startup restaurant and you ran a promotional campaign and gave everyone a free sweet dish with their orders, what's wrong in that, This free sweet dish will give you loyal customers.

1. YouTube shows the videos for free but earns by showing the advertisements of the companies. 
2. Gmail provides you email service for free, but earns money by showing advertisements and using your data.
3. Facebook gives everyone to create an account for free And at Facebook's Research and Development Center, such a large team is researching for new features to add in Facebook, but earns money by showing advertisements
4. Watsapp is also a free service but Watsapp company evaluation is 19 billion dollars. 

If you are starting something new, so you have to think how could you take value or  how can you learn something new or how you can grow a new plan in the coming time and earn money from it, What else are possible options that you can create with it?

        3. Nothing can happen without graduation

Michael dell the founder of DELL, Larry Ellison from oracle, Jan com CEO of Watsapp, Mr. Evan Co-founder of Twitter, Ritesh agarwal CEO of OYO Rooms.

These above people are examples of successful college dropouts, Except popular examples which everybody knows steve jobs, mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates.

But here don't think that you're getting forced to drop you college, This is just such a motivation that if you are not able to complete college graduation due to any reason still you can tear a lot in your life, As long as you have the passion and passion to do something.

       4. You are too young to do business

People say that you are too young to do business, Something must have been said at some time or the other, This is a big myth that has tied the eyes of the people, Next, remember that age has nothing to do with any business.

If you think as an opposite, then young age has more advantages in doing business, Because after being a little age ahead, you become physically a little less capable of taking risks, working hard, waking up day and night.

      5. You need to follow your successful competitor

People say that you need to follow your successful competitor, Taking inspiration from someone or getting ideas from someone is a different thing or good thing, But it is not right to follow anyone blindly.

History never repeats itself, You have to do something out of the box or something different, only then you can succeed.

Final result 

You have to tell bye these five myths from today itself, Jump out of your range with your boundaries today, push the limits of your thinking, Because your business is in your hand And now the time is the order to make it bigger.

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