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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How to Start Business in Australia

How to Start Business in Australia 

How to Start Business in Australia Using Business Visa If you are thinking to start business in Australia.

You think that you are able to do business in Australia So you're at the right place because in this article i'll shared all details that you required to start business in Australia. 

How to Start Business in Australia Using Business Visa
How to Start Business in Australia Using Business Visa

If you are thinking to go to Australia using business visa,  How much money you required? What is the eligibility For it? 

If you see people came to Australia using many other types of visa, like tourist visa ( just for travel ) using tourist visa.

You are not able to work in Australia because it is illegal OR you can come here using student visa and many more. 

Business Innovation Visa

Subclass 188 Visa

Subclass 188 visa generally has 4 streams named as, 
  1. Business Innovation Stream
  2. Investor Stream 
  3. Significant Investor Stream
  4. Business Innovation Extension Stream 
These streams are under subclass 188a Business Innovation stream.

Investment : $300,000 to 400,000 (Business Innovation Stream).

Other streams have investment near about one million dollars. 

Requirement :

  1. You need to own one more business for the last two to four years, with a profit of less than $ 500,000 Australian dollars. 
  2. Ownership: 1. You need 51% of a business with a profit below or equivalent to 400,000 Australian dollars. 2. You need 51% of a business with a profit of more than $ 400,000 Australian dollars.
  3. You need a nomination from the Australian government, the national government. 
  4. you are 55 years or younger you can only apply.
  5. Point 65 you should, get points.
  6. Applying for PR You need to be in Australia for one year for two years under a 888a visa. 
  7. $ 800,000 in Australia for your business or property, which must be legally acquired and must be converted to Australia within two years from the date of the first visa, the assets of your spouse or partner are included in this amount.
Note : Turnover ( total sales of your business and its non profit ).

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  1. You need proper documentation of the amount of money you are claiming such as gold certificates, asset valuation etc.
  2. the amount you are claiming should have been equal to or more than three years ago, you cannot create a valid 1 year form for this visa.
  • 14-18 months required to take this visa, it is actually processing time, if you apply visa in august 2020 so you can expect visa in Feb 2022. 
Important note :

  • No IELTS Required, If you offer IELTS you will get more points but if you don't just need to pay $ 9795 per major applicant and $ 1345 per additional applicant in the Department of Liberation or if you study for 5 years in English then you don't offer 'I need to pay, benefits business and investment visa.
Now let's see what business you can do in Australia, Australia you can simply buy a viable business by paying an interest rate.

You don't have to start a new business if you don't want to start, In Australia businesses that are sold as commodities keep coming and going. So if you buy a viable business your investment is safe.

If you want to calculate your points just click on : Points calculator

How to Start Business in Australia Using Business Visa, Confirm it again with an agent. 

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