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Thursday, September 17, 2020

19 secret YouTube Channel Ideas To Get Started

19 secret YouTube Channel Ideas To Get Started

19 secret YouTube Channel Ideas To Get Started, if you are thinking to start a new YouTube channel or you started a a channel on YouTube but your videos are not getting views, for all these issues i explained 30 channel ideas.

19 secret YouTube Channel Ideas To Get Started
19 secret YouTube Channel Ideas To Get Started

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19 secret YouTube Channel Ideas

1.Review Channel 

Review channel is a channel where you have review about anything like products etc. 

In this channel you need products and make video on it, refer other review channel video to make good one. 

2.Funny Videos 

Funny videos channel is tough to rank in the list because most of the people love to watch funny videos because of this reason many people already working on this niche.

In this channel if you work it regularly then there is a chance to rank your video in a month and when your channel videos started ranking your channel starts getting growth.

In funny videos channel you will be able to get massive growth because most of the people love to watch funny videos. 

3.Music Cover Videos

If you have a knowledge and skills to create music cover videos then you have a good growth for this type of channel.

Because you know everybody loves music, and if your video get ranked in the first position then your video will get views in millions.

Millions views means popularity, high revenue from adsense, you will get sponsorship's. 

4.Unboxing Channel 

Unboxing channel means you have to unbox anything like products, and say something cool things about that product. 

If you start this channel then you are not able to upload videos regularly in the channel because you don't get new products everyday in your starting time.

Here you have to watch before unboxing videos on youtube before to start your channel.

5.Money making channel 

In this type of channel you have to find new ways to earn money online or offline, try it yourself before making video.  

Create a video on same thing that you did, share your experience how to did and how much time you given for it and how much money made, and upload it. 

In this type of channel you'll get more customers that they use your link to create account in that particular earning method, and you'll get referral bonus here. 

6.Classes (lecture videos)

Here you can create a educational channel where you have to solve problems and upload it on YouTube.

You have to understand what type of problems students are searching on internet, make videos on it.

7.Tech Channel

Tech channel have very high competition nowadays because most of the youtubers started tech channels.

If you have knowledge about technology and if you think that you can do better than other youtubers then here you can come. 

8.Health videos 

If you have knowledge about health issues and if you have good working suggestions for that issues then this channel will give you massive growth on YouTube. 

A lot of  people are regularly searches related to health, here your channel will get fast growth. 

9.Trending Topic Channel

To make a videos here you have to use YouTube trends, or google trends to get a ideas, Choose any one topic from that trend and start making videos on it.

10.Animals Movements Channel

Here you have to shoot cute animals videos and upload it on YouTube. 

11.Vlogging Channel

If you know how to make vlogs then its good to create this type of channel, or you can start this channel with taking ideas from others vlogs. 

Here you can upload your daily routine videos, or if you are going to travel anywhere just start shooting your journey and upload it on YouTube. 

12.News Channel 

News channel is a type of channel where your videos get views immediately but here your uploads won't get long term views.

In news channel you have update yourself and work it regular here, more videos more views.

13.Gameplay Channel 

Gameplay channel means you have a play games on your desktop, record it how you're playing that game, and upload it on YouTube channel. How To Start Gaming Channel On YouTube And Earn Money

14.Movie Review channel

Movie Review channel means you have play a movie and review it. Here you have to add your thoughts and thinking in the video. 

15.Motivation Channel

Motivation channel means you have to create motivational videos, which motivates people's and upload it on YouTube.

In this type of channel you have to work hard because in this type of videos you have to create a lot of editing to make motivational videos. 

16.Programming Channel

If you have good knowledge about programming or coding then you can share how to code and how to program to particular topics.

Here you have to cover some tough topics in simple way. 

17.Success stories Channel 

In this type of channel you  can make animated videos and she it here success stories of successful people.

18.Career Channel 

Career channel Means you have to make videos related to career, like which is best after 12th etc.

19.Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks If you know about magic trick then just shoot videos of magic trick and upload that videos on YouTube.


These channel ideas are based on successful YouTube Channels, If you have enough confidence that you can create better than before uploaded videos then choose anyone topic and start your YouTube Career.

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