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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Five Ways To Use Instagram REELS

Five Ways To Use Instagram REELS

Five Ways To Use Instagram REELS, If you are a business owner then you have to know everything about Instagram REELS For Business as a business owner. 

You probably know by now that video content and video marketing is really powerful for your business to grow for free online.

Business owner you're in luck because Instagram Reels is here. It's a brand new feature from Instagram and it makes video creation a whole lot easier. 

Top 5 Ways To Use Instagram REELS For Business
Top 5 Ways To Use Instagram REELS For Business

In this article, You will learn all about Instagram reels and I covered top 5 ways for your business, Instagram Reels for business. 

Why you as a business owner should care. What is Reels? If you read this article I'm confident you'll be ready to use Reels. 

Let's get started, The first thing is Who? here not really talking about a person, but by now, you know that Instagram Reels. 

What are Instagram Reels? according to Instagram itself, Reels are "a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.

Where can you find Instagram Reels? As of recording, the best place to discover Reels is right on your Explore page. 

Reels are taking up about two thirds of the real estate on this page. Once you tap on the title Reels, you're then going to be led down a scroll hole.

All you have to do is keep scrolling down and Instagram is going to show you more and more Reels that it thinks you're going to be interested in.

Why is Reels good for business?  whenever a new feature or app or tool or anything comes out, everybody is skeptical about it.

You might be thinking, you have the feed. you have Stories. you have IGTV. you have live feature. 

also you are answering to DMs. Instagram can feel like a full time job.

So do you need one more feature? But this is why Reels is worth your attention today. In the last year, as you seen TikTok absolutely explode, and it's no secret that Reels is Instagram's play at TikTok. 

As you know, Instagram is owned by Facebook and TikTok is owned by a company called ByteDance. 

Facebook's already seen that TikTok is pretty popular. That market being short form video content. 

According to ad week, TikTok in Q1 of 2020 was downloaded more times than any app had ever been downloaded before.

As you know that TikTok is super popular and Reels is Instagram's play at TikTok, but how do you fit Reels into all the other features that we already have on Instagram? 

Here you have to think of Reels. Reels is the middle child in between Instagram Stories and IGTV. 

You have Instagram Stories on one hand, which are videos that disappear after 24 hours and they don't live on your feed. 

Then you have IGTV, which is really long form video content. And anyone who produces a series does really well with IGTV. 

So Reels fits into the middle because it's still 15 second video clips like stories, but they live on longer than 24 hours and they live in the feed. 

How do you use Instagram Reels for business? If you are struggling with low engagements? 

Use Reels. If you want more followers? You have to use Reels. Do you want free exposure? 

Reels is a option for it, The answer here is simple. Instagram has already proven to be an excellent sales and marketing tool for business. 

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Reels is a new feature on Instagram, Here you'll see five ways that Instagram Reels can grow your business for free online. 

The first way is by sharing Educational content. 

So if this could work for your audience and market, think about what tips, how to  hacks, resources that you can share in the form of a 15 second video.

The second way your business can grow is by sharing inspiration. 

Most of the peoples follow accounts to feel inspired. So how can you as a business help someone feel inspired about their health.

Maybe the physical form they want to achieve, maybe it's their wealth or how they want their business or personal finances to grow. 

Maybe it's their relationships. In what way do you help people get a little bit more of what they want? 

That's what you have you to showcase in 15 second video clips on Reels. The key here is to really focus on here or after. 

Your audience is probably in the before phase of how you help them in whatever way that is. 

So when you're creating inspirational video, you really want to illustrate the after. Here's a hint, the green screen effect might be really useful for you here.

The third way your business can grow with Reels is by showcasing your products. 

You have to show them demos. you have to see customers using them. you have to see to see tutorials. you have to see  all angles and aspects of your product. 

Now this could be a physical or a digital product, but Reels allows you to show your product in action. 

The fourth way your business can growth rough Reels is by showcasing your community. Yes, this is the perfect way to make it not about you, but about your audience.

What client can you feature? 

Which customer review can you showcase? 

Which alumni can you show off and share how far they've come? 

Which Facebook group member can you highlight? 

Whose business can you shout out? 

Reels is a great way for you to shout out other businesses or customers, which also helps people know that your product or service or offer works for other people too. 

The fifth way Reels helps your business grow is it helps you showcase your personality

The bottom line is for most of us, people do business with people and not necessarily brands. You might be funny and your followers might have no idea.

Reels is a great way to showcase your sense of humor, your taste in music, your fun side. 

Hint, you can use the effects to do that, or if you dare, your dance moves. 

So now that we've covered Instagram Reels for business, I want to know on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the most interested,what's your interest level? 

If you're going to use Instagram Reels for your business? Let me know in a comment below. 

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