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Thursday, August 6, 2020

New Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas In India 2020

Top 31 Agriculture business Ideas In 2020

Agriculture business Ideas In 2020: As you know India is an agriculture country, The best thing about India is Indian government giving first priority for agriculture related businesses.

Top 50 Agriculture business Ideas In 2020
Top 50 Agriculture business Ideas In 2020

In this article we will discuss about top 50  Businesses that you can start in 2020, these businesses generates more profits and Due to India Is a agriculture country this businesses have higher priority.

Is agriculture businesses worth in 2020?
Yes, In 2020 Many businesses related to agriculture bring you success more than other business. Let's see what businesses they are,

1. Organic Farm Poly House Green House Business in 2020

Organic farm has high demand due to most of the peoples prefer organic food because in organic food don't have chemicals which is harmful for humans.

Introduction To Green House Poly House

Organic farm poly house green house business in 2020
Organic farm poly house green house business in 2020

In poly-house You can farm in poly-house without season and you can also cultivate key quality in poly-house, The weather has no effect on this field due to this you can able to make 20-25 lakh per year.

2. Snail Farming

Snail farming is happens to increase the rate of snails, it is basically snail business, many peoples in the whole worlds consumes it. because snails have high rate of protein, iron, and low fats it is a good food for humans.

you can research more about it on internet to start this business, it high demanding and rare business.

3. Flour Milling

Flour milling is a business that you can start with your budget as per small or large scale, you can start your own milling business because it gives more profit than other options.

Flour milling is a highly demanding business in which you'll able to get name and money only if you provide quality in this business, Quality is the main factor in this business.

4. Production of Botanical pesticide

Botanical pesticide can produce very easily, as we know that nature has given us a lot of things which if used properly, we can destroy the insect that is very easy to cultivate. 

Botanical pesticide is very important for the organic farms. Botanical pesticide it is one of the most profit generating business in India.   

5. Fish Farming Business 

As you know, Fish is served as food due to its high demand and higher consumption rate this business is profitable in every season.  Fish farming has its own techniques and to start this business you need some investment.

Fish Farming Business
Fish Farming Business

Actually all over the world fish farming is done commercially, and you can start this business with having tanks, you have to do is just to focus on increase in rate of fishes in tanks, and sell it when they are ready with their own (bigger) shapes. 

6. Florist

Florist is also a profitable business to start this you need some space where you can sell this flowers.


Now a days due to vast uses of internet peoples want it directly to their home, you can also implement it with online purchasing feature where you have to deliver flowers to buyers homes, by this service you can generate more profit.

7. Export Business (Fruits and vegetables)

Export business is just taking Fruits and vegetables from farmers and export it to other big places, this process is also done through phone calling if you set all business properly with related farmers.

Export Business ( Fruits and Vegetables)

Export business is also a highly profitable business by which you stand in market strongly. You can start this business by making good connections to farmers.

8. Production of Frozen Chicken

Frozen Chicken Production is one of the high revenue generating business because if you see the market chicken demand is high and also growing day by day just not in India it is all over the world.

Frozen Chicken Business
Frozen Chicken Business
Frozen Chicken is one of the best business you can start today its demand is growing day by day you can make huge profit from this business. 

9. Basket weaving 

Basket weaving is a business in which you can show your best creativity to generate more sales in this business. this business needs very small investment and you can start doing it from home.

Basket weaving Business
Basket weaving Business

Now a days, E-commerce also providing option to sell this types of products where you can sell this baskets to get more sales.

10. Dried Flowers Business

Several types of flowers are available in India, For house decorates, marriage halls, and after using of this flowers for decoration and in temples they are going to be useless, and as per science these flowers are usable for different purposes Like flower jewelry, Gift of flowers, cards, bookmark, wall hanging, paper weight, and many more. 

Dried Flower Business
Dried Flower Business

Dried flowers are the product of a dehydration process. This business is for women also Indian Agriculture Research Institute are running their camping for village women to know this process to start dried flower business. 

11. Layer Poultry Farming Business

Layer Poultry Farming is a highly profitable business in India, To start this business you need some investments for the ware house, labor rooms etc also you can take loan under farming loan section.

Layer Poultry Farming Business
Layer Poultry Farming Business

This business able to make you successful in agriculture business world. you can research more about it on internet or by meeting with farmers to know internal things about it before to start this business.

12. Mushroom Farming Business

Mushroom Farming is the only business which gives you more profit in very shorter period, Also this business requires small investments.

Mushroom Farming Business
Mushroom Farming Business 

Mushrooms loved by many peoples in India and also it has high demand in hotels and food corners.

13. Dairy Business

Dairy Business has always high demand, Dairy business Includes milk products like sweets and other consumable products, and milk This business is one of the highest selling products business and it has highest profit generation business. 

Dairy Business
Dairy Business
For this business you have to take advice from some dairy business owners before investing some amount because this business needs a good investment. 

14. Making Of Tasty Chips Business

As you know kids as well as adults love taste and as per report tasty food like french fries and potato chips by spreading different different spices on it to loved its taste by peoples will sold out in all over the world and also it has high demand.

Tasty chips business
Tasty chips business

You can also take benefit of it just to start this business and start making money.

15. Seed Selling Business

This is also a growing business in India, And you can start this business after certification and start selling good quality of seeds. Seed Selling business is done with very less investments.

Seed Selling Business
Seed Selling Business

To start this business you need to complete some processes as per government regulations. 

16. Soybean Cultivation

Soybean Cultivation is the business from which you can generate a huge amount of profit by cultivating the soybean you need just vacant land.

soybean Cultivation Business
soybean Cultivation Business
In this business Included Soy milk, Soy Flour, Soy Sauce, and Soy Oil and many more.

17. Tree Farming Business

As you can see many peoples Purchase trees directly as a growing trees, This business is one of the best agriculture business in the world where you can earn huge amount of profit.

Tree Farming Business
Tree Farming Business

To earn money from this business you need to wait until growth of the trees. 

18. Hydroponic Retail Store

Hydroponics means the cultivation of plants or crops without soil, And the technology of hydroponics is rapidly increasing day by day.


For this business you can start from one store where you can sell hydroponic equipment.

19. Bee Keeping Business

As you know in today's world everybody wants to stay fit and health conscious seriousness is increases day by day, and the honey plays very important role for this.

Bee keeping business
Bee keeping business

To start bee keeping business you need some training for safety and maintain other things, This business is one of the profitable business in the world.

20. Maize Business

The good thing about this business is It is grown under different different climatic conditions.

For this business use quality of seeds to get quality of maize and corn only from this material you will earn good money from it.

21. Spices Processing

It's uses is on daily basis and its demand is high due to different different taste. 

Spice Processing Business

Also it has uses at home, this business needs very less investments and its packaging and process are also easy, you can start this business today.

22. Goat Rearing 

Goat rearing business needs very less investment to start, this business is also very popular in the world you can generate high revenue from this business

23. Medicinal herbs cultivation business

This business needs some land to start and have proper knowledge about medicinal plants. The good thing about this business is Indian government giving benefits for this business as a subsidies.

Medicinal herbs cultivation business
Medicinal herbs cultivation business

By cultivating medicinal plan you can earn good amount of money from this business.  

24. Cane chair business

This business comes under manufacturing industry if you're are well educated and have basic knowledge bout manufacturing then you can start this business. As you can see in modern societies, and Cane chairs are considered as a Modern (Luxury) item.

Cane chair business
Cane chair business

If you started this business successfully then you can earn very huge amount of money from this business.

25. Cold Chain Business

This business needs high capital to start and need to setup cold storage plant to start this business. 

As you know, many types of varieties are available in Indian market Like Vegetables or fruits and many more, this business s just to provide them a solutions by cold chain, If you started this business successfully you will earn highest profit from this business.

26. Production of groundnut oil

The uses of this types of oil are rapidly increasing day by day, And peoples prefers only edible oils.

groundnut oil business

This business need some capital to start but the good thing about this business is all raw material required for this business is available in market. Also you can start this business in small scale.

27. Jaggery business

Jaggery has many types of benefits for human body due to this reason its consumption is high and it is highly demanded product.

For this business you need some capital to setup a plant for processing of jaggery, If you successfully started this business you can generate very high amount of profit from this business. 

28. Clinic Related to agriculture

This business related to provide services to farmers for good production crop and to get high profit from their crop.

Also you can start giving rented equipment's to farmers for their use, from this business you can earn good amount of money. 

29. fumigation business

Fumigation is a types of services which you have to offer farmers for Insecticides. this business need some capital to start and you can earn high amount of money.

30. Rajanigandha Business

Rajanigandha is a flowers which is used in perfumes, cosmetics and other related products. To start this business you need to approach scientists for the rajanigandha farming.  

31. Rabbit Raising Business

In this business you have to raise the rabbits, and sell them in market.

This is also a profitable business, you can generate more profit by raising different different types of rabbits.

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