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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Where Can I Download Copyright Free Images

As you know, For the copyright free images we have to visit some specific websites which are providing copyright free images, but there we not get some types of micro niche images, so for these types of images you can download images from google.  

Where Can I Download Copyright Free Images
Where Can I Download Copyright Free Images 

Do you know how to download copyright free images from google? If you don't know proper way to download copyright free images so this article is just for you.

If you are a Blogger or you have a YouTube channel then you know about these things that images called as thumbnail plays important role, because images attracts peoples to visit your post. 

It is very easy to find any type of images to download, But SEO Is also very important, But the main thing is that image is copyrighted or not, if that image is copyrighted means same image is used already in another website, then it's copyrighted image.

Use of other websites images are illegal, So if you're working on micro niche keywords then you need that types of images and in this article we will see how you can download copyright free images from google.

Download Copyright Free Images from Google?

Copyright images from google
Download Copyright images from google

1. Open Browser From your computer.

2. Open www.google.com and enter the name of image that you want.

3. Click of search button, and go to images you'll see below of google search box last option is tools, click on it. 

4. In tools you'll see user rights option in 3rd number, click on it. 

5. In user-right you'll see Labeled for reuse with modification just click on it. 

6. In this category you'll get all images, you can use that images after some modifications.

I explained all things in six steps that how you can download copyright free images from google for your micro niche keywords websites. If you have any query or doubt about it, then let me know here that, in comment box. 

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