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Monday, August 10, 2020

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Telegram Channel 2020

Top 5 Ways to Make Money From Telegram Channel 2020 

Now, You can Check Telegram has 500 Million+ downloads are completed on google play store. 

Now this is the biggest opportunity for all to make money from this platform, Many peoples are making a lot of money from this platform. So let's how they are making money from telegram.

Mak money from Telegram
Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Telegram Channel 2020 

You just need to do is Copy & Paste here, No Creativity is required here to make money.

So, If you're interested then just go to Play Store and Open telegram and  download it, Once you download it then just go to menu bar and click on create new channel,

1. Enter your channel name - considering the possibilities that in future many peoples are joining to your channel so make sure to enter professional name on it.

2. Write description - related to your channel which type of it is.

3. Public Channel And Private Channel - You can make money from both of channels we will see in this methods in this article, Public Channel means anybody can see your channel and Private channel means only link through joiners access it.

4. Permanent link - your link, Try to write your channel name here if that one is exists already then you can try another one.

5. Now your channel has been created, showing 0 Subscribers, you can add subscribers from your contacts initially. 

If all Above steps you followed properly then we will see how you can make money from it, 

Making of channel on Telegram is very easy, but the main task is how you can grow this channel.

Grow your Telegram Channel click on the link to know tricks and tips to grow telegram channel.

Keep in mind Telegram not pay you directly Like YouTube, Here you have generate your revenue, 

How can you Generate revenue from telegram, 

You can create channel regarding, 


In this channel you can provide Subject Notes, etc.

In the Education Niche, You have to provide educational notes or educational courses or PDF files free in starting. 

when many peoples joined to your channel then you can offer them paid courses or paid notes.

2. Upcoming and New Deals
 In this channel you can write about amazon or Flip-kart deals where people will see that deals and purchase It.

As per channel growth your revenue is increasing here, Here you can send amazon provided links which you can registered in section of affiliate, Here you need to update all time provide link earlier than others. 

If you don't know about affiliate program of amazon just click on link to see how you can create you affiliate account on amazon to earn money. 

Many peoples are interested in this niches they always searching about new deals, and if they buy product from your group link of amazon you will get commission from it.

3. Movies and Web Series, These types of groups are generating highest revenue And it is most popular on telegram.

You can provide peoples movies, Web series or 18+ Content which are not available directly on internet. You can charge here for those contents which peoples are demanding.

As you know when new Bollywood movie is released, That movies are not available in starting days. 

In this channel you can share those movies or movie download links here, and charge some amount for that, only share link to those who paid for it.

For others you can send screenshots of it so they will also pay you for it.

Public Channel or Private Channel

Public channel which appears in search Results, Peoples are searching it and join as per their requirements.

Private channel is a type of VIP channel, It means when your public channel has to many subscribers.

You can tell them about your private channel as a VIP Membership where can provide them educational notes or web series links.  

Paid Promotion And Sponsorship

This is the last method which you can apply to make money, When you channel gets bigger then small channels request you to promote their channel on telegram, and they'll pay for it. 

As you know, on YouTube their many channel sponsors products or services through their videos, like same here you'll get sponsorship's from earning apps and many more.

From Earning apps sponsorship's you can earn money in both ways, like directly company pays you and also that app referral amount.


Now a days people are finding new ways to make money, and telegram is one of them.

You can use it for business and i can assure you that you'll get guaranteed success in it if you are consistent in it. 

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Telegram Channel 2020, use above method to start and if you get any query comment below.

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