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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

40 Part time jobs online Work From Home in 2020

40 Part time jobs online Work From Home in 2020

40 Part time jobs online Work From Home in 2020, in these days students and also new job-seekers want to do some part-time to make some money. 

And making money from home is the best option that everyone has to adopt in today's time.

So what are the ways by which you can earn money by working part time at home? So are you excited..? So Let's see below,

Part time jobs online
40 Part time jobs online (Earn 45,000 per month)

Part Time Jobs From Home (Online and offline)

If you are among those people who are looking for online jobs from which they can earn money sitting at home, then you are on the right place.

In this article i will show you some jobs which you can do it from home and that pays you instant.

Part Time Online Jobs

Although in this website i have already written about the  Top 5 Business Ideas For Women's at home.

Now you can see here list of online jobs that anybody can do in their part time so check it out which job is fit for you and start making money.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the best way and high paying work in internet world and you can do blogging as choosing it as a part time career. 


If you can see it then you will know that thousands of peoples are doing this jobs and making money even in lakhs. 

Also, many of peoples who left their high paying jobs and started blogging to make money.

Blogging means just to create your own website using platform blogger or WordPress and share your knowledge, thoughts, tips, ideas, tricks, or anything that you know, And that is beneficial for world.

Peoples visit your website and you get paid as much as number of visitors. 

In blogging platform many ways to make money and you can choose any method to generate revenue.

The best ways to make money with blogging is by placing of adsense ads, affiliate product selling, Or through paid membership.

becoming part time blogger you can generate revenue after sometime when your blogger website is been older it becomes stable income. 

Blogging is a learning process where you have to learn about keyword and many more things to make a successful website. 

To learn concepts of blogging you can join free courses or also you can learn it from YouTube. 
As you can see blogging is the highest paying job and Blogging need Hard-work, If you are ready to work hard in this job then you can earn money from it.

2. Content Writing

It is one of the best part time job only if you love writing, By writing content here are several ways to make money.

Content Writing
Content Writing

To get jobs you can visit freelancing websites like upwork, fiverr or peopleperhour. using these website here you can find related work and get paid instantly.

Using these websites you can earn 1400-1500 rupees per hour.

3. Online Consultant

Becoming online consultant you can give expert advice of any particular field where you have expertise, also you can provide training's through Skype

Online Consultant
Online Consultant

To become online consultant just need to create a Facebook page or website or an Instagram account where you have to mention you expertise and describe how you can help to peoples. 

4. Social Media Manager

If you know about digital marketing, yes social media management is just a part of it. 

Becoming social media manager is a work of handling social media pages of your employer and this job you can do in your free time.
Basically employer provides contents to post on company's Facebook Or on Instagram Accounts. also responding to comments it's a part of this job.

5.Micro Tasks

Actually, Micro tasking is a neglected Part-time job. And very few know about this job. 

But you will be happy by knowing Micro tasking is very simple.

Micro Tasks
Micro Tasks

Micro Tasking means just to check content it have duplicate images of not, or checking of websites, checking of incorrect information Or proof reading etc. these types of work are come in micro tasking.

Mechanical Turk is a Program of Amazon which is now available India also. Using this program you can make money as per hours you worked in it.

6. App Developer

As you know you have to update your mobile apps time to time to get latest features, And also you can see the mobile users in India are rapidly increasing.

App Developer
App Developer

To know more about apps you can open your mobiles play store where you'll see multiple apps of same organisation.

Becoming App Developer you'' get work from companies or businesses because they have requirement of Developers to create apps, maintaining of Apps Or updating of apps.

App developer has many opportunities in present time because they help to small organisations or businesses to grow.  

This is a wonderful job where you can make money by working in part-time.

7. Game Developer

Playing games on mobiles or computer is a beloved things as you know. And developing games is a very huge business running on worldwide. 

Game Developer
Game Developer

Becoming innovative or creative game developer you'll get job from companies who are specialize in this field. 

You can choose this job as part-time job when you have experience in software industry And you'll get this types of jobs from Indian and foreign companies.

8. App Tester

In this Job you have to test different types of apps Like testing of user friendliness, app speed, glitches, and lots of things, because of this it requires skills.

App Tester
App Tester

You can choose this as a part time work And as per your abilities you get paid in this job, provide better results to generate more revenue in this field.

As you can see this field is growing day by day, if you can start this today with having necessary skills then you've just entered in one of best growing profession.  

9. Game Tester

Yes, game tester and game developer this both jobs you can choose as a part time career.

If you have skills to develop games for computers or mobiles then you also have the ability to test the game because it is not any other skills to start this.

Game Tester
Game Tester

Game testing job is interesting job where you can generate revenue while playing games, yes simply you have enjoyment in this job. game testing job is profitable as much as how much time you have given for it.

10. Online astrologer

In this job you can work for a astrology company. 


You'll get a job form astrology companies where they provide online horoscopes and requirement is of software operator to create, these are two ways to work in this field.

Online astrologer
Online astrologer

In this job requirement is to make some astrological predictions, also for matrimony to matching of horoscopes, these work you can do in this job. 

Also in this field magazines and newspapers are hiring for their  horoscope page to write about zodiac signs.

To work as a part time in this field you can make your profile as a online astrologer and find companies who is hiring. also to start this work you can open your own account of freelance. 

11. Amazon force 

As you know amazon is a largest Online store in market in world and also in India. And amazon has a running program known as amazon force.

In this program you can find here customer care jobs as work from home, Also amazon force provides Online/offline task that you can do by becoming freelancer.

12. Freelance Stock Photographer

It is a Profitable Work that you can choose as part-time job by turning your passion into photography.

Freelance Stock Photographer
Freelance Stock Photographer

This Job is all about to make money by selling your captured pictures.

You can sell pictures like capturing the moment Its like unique photography, and everything you can captures take amazing pictures from your camera and sell it.

you can see lot of websites on internet where you can sell these pictures by just registering on their website. 

Many blogger or and Internet users or others, they need Copyright free pictures they can buy it, Or you can see free stock website where you can sell these pictures.

13. Online Surveys

Online surveys is a Online jobs where you will earn money by:
filling surveys, you can choose it for part-time work.

Online surveys means sharing your opinion as per survey or Filling all required field correctly from that they know about what actually peoples want.

Online Surveys
Online Surveys

You can see lots of websites of online surveys you have to register on that websites and when they starts surveys you'll get notifications about their new surveys, Try to register maximum websites to make more money.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a great potential and this field will make you rich if you work hard in this field.

Basically it is program of promoting products on your platform, there is a lots of websites who are providing this program.

Just to promote their products and once anybody bought that product from your website then you will get commission from it.

The good thing about this job is, No need to to maintain the product, or shipment, or customer handling services etc.

The major websites who is providing this program are amazon, flipkart, and many more you can see it on google. 

 15. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring means you can teach students or become a online consultant using online video calling services.

Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring

Earning as per your expertise, Becoming consultant you can earn a lot of money from this field And you can choose it as a part time career.

Websites are providing this facilities are Wiziq, Tutorcity, tutor India etc.Joining these websites you can be a tutor and teach to students.

16. Complete Gigs On Fiverr

Fiver is a freelance service marketplace and it is a very popular business site where you can earn 6$ to 60$ per hour by providing your services.

Complete Gigs on fiverr
Complete Gigs on fiverr

On this website Thousand of jobs are available, And you can make money doing these jobs, Now-a-days in India many peoples are generating high revenue from this website.

You have to visit Fiverr, and check how peoples are amking money by doing these jobs, and also you can start doing work here.

17. Playing games

Yes, You can earn money by playing games, many peoples are earning from this field. 

Playing Games
Playing Games

Basically, many companies provide games to test their game, testing means you have to play their latest games and if any issue found then raise that complaint.

This is one of the good job to make money by choosing it as a part time career. also you can see a lot of websites are are giving you rewards to play game as per your rank you get rewards. 

18. Captcha Solving

Yes, Captcha Everybody knows about it because it comes every-time when you create your account on websites or sign up time. 

Captcha Solving
Captcha Solving

Because captcha helps to reduce spamming and any type of software who reads captcha is not available. 

Becoming captcha solver You have to identify this types of images, or filling of text is called as captcha solving.

Pay scale 1-2$ per 1000 captchas. Earning is depends on your speed of typing, fast typing you can solve 1000 captchas in an hour. It is a best career option for pert-time work. you can earn 6k-7k per month.

19. Photography

As you can see On internet world there is a lots of HD pictures posted for free use by different-different peoples, why because in today's time peoples needs pictures for their content. 

Because of this needs many websites giving you an option to submit your pictures on their websites.

Photography Masterclass


You can choose this career as a part time work, just click pictures and post it on online free stock websites, because thus pictures able to earn a lot of money as per their use.

You can submit your pictures on Getty-images, shutter-stock,  etc.

20. YouTube

As you know YouTube is a video sharing website, and You will see ads on videos before or on mid roll ads while watching videos on YouTube.
On YouTube you can make money by joining YouTube partnership program, Here just create your videos by choosing category of your interest and Upload it. 

when your channel met with criteria of YouTube partnership program, then YouTube serves ads on your videos, from that ads you get paid monthly.

As Bigger your channel you can earn that much money from YouTube partnership program, To know about How to grow YouTube channel 2020-grow YouTube channel free read this article.

Offline Part Time Jobs

If Online jobs are not suitable for you then here are some offline jobs you can choose it as a part-time work.

1. Translator


You get hired for a translator job if you have any other language fluency including English. 

You can Choose it as a part-time work and it is available in both platforms online and offline.

2. Office Assistant

If you are living near to the business areas this job is best for you when it comes to part-time.

Office assistant
Office assistant

In this job your role is of collecting a cheque and some baking work of company. Collection of documents and deliveries near to your office ares. 

Pay scale is 7000-10,000 rupees for office assistant post and that is not bad when you are working here part-time.

3. Typist

Typing is now-a-days very rare but the good thing about it is in high demand. As you know that typing is a process that's why many peoples are not doing this. 

You'll be surprised, Still today's time manual typing is required for government documents and so many other documents. 


The documents includes legal documents, Government applications form filling, And some documents requires to convert manually typed format.

Here, Becoming typist you can earn 40-60 rupees per page or 100-120 rupees per form or document.

4. Phlebotomist  

Phlebotomist means the boy/girl in lab who takes your blood as a sample for blood test.

Now-a-days in India a lot of diagnostic centers are available, and good thing is they are offering services of home blood sample collection. 


Actually main job is, You have to go to the patients house and take his blood sample and reach the lab.

This is a part-time job you can do in your free time, prefer to do this job in morning.

5. Back Office 

In India lots of back office jobs are available in today's time, you get this job as per your skills and you can do choosing as a part-time career.
back office
back office

Basically back office jobs means filling of documents, proof reading, form filling, maintain registers or accounts etc. 

These jobs are available on naukri portal where you can find it easily.

6. Fitness Jobs

Now-a-days most of the peoples prefer to stay fit, but due to their busy schedule they are not able to do these fitness activities by their own. 
fitness job
fitness job

As you can see, in this time, the number of gyms everywhere has increased, And you can see that many people have been jogging in the park.

Becoming private fitness trainer you can earn up-to 8000 to 16000 per trainee and increase earning by increasing trainee. 

7. Sales Executive

Sales executive job is in very high demand because as you can see now-a-days many companies provides this job where you have to sell their products visiting houses or directly selling from store.

Sales Executive
Sales Executive

Here, in malls also where many brands are available and they need part-time sales executives emerging consumer goods.

Pay-scale is depends on your selling, generally part-time sales executive make 16000-20000 rupees per month.

8. Telemarketing executive 

Telemarketing means telecallers that get hired from companies, Here everybody get hired for position of tele caller executive Like Students, housewives, retired, employed, unemployed etc. 

Telemarketing Executive
Telemarketing Executive

Basically role of this job is, they provide you names and phone numbers where you have to promote their products and services.

Some calls are sales call where you have sale their services through phone calls.

Pay scale is 300-400 rupees per day.

9. Home Tutor

As you know about race of students to get good schools Or exams of boards, for this purposes school students or junior college students started attending coaching classes.

home tutor
home tutor

However, many families prefer home tutor for their children, because it is a prestigious and effort saving. 

Pay scale is 20,000-30,000 per month becoming home tutor.

10. Data Entry

Yes, data entry is available offline as well as offline.

data entry
data entry

Basically in this job you'll get raw data from employer and you have to fill that information on paper forms. Including registering data And account books.

11. Insurance agent

If you have good convincing skills then this job is for you, basically most of the peoples hate this job because to convince peoples are not easy.

Insurance agent
Insurance agent

You can do this job as a part-time becoming agent of companies like LIC, TATA AIG etc. 

basically in this job you have to sell policies to peoples and your pay scale is depending on your sales.

12. Taxi Diver

Yes, you can do drivers job choosing it as a part time career if you have a car, you have to register yourself as a driver in companies like Uber/Ola. 

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver

Many peoples are doing this job as well as here is very good pay scale for drivers.

pay scale is depending on you rides, generally becoming part time cab driver you can earn upto 10,000 to 15,000 per month.

13. Faculty Job

Every college need part-time faculties, If your qualification met with criteria of colleges you can get a job from colleges.

Faculty job
Faculty job

Pay scale is 8-10,000 per month for part time faculty.

14. Home based food

Home base food
Home base food

If you love cooking then you can do this job, generally food business has some regulations that you have to understand before starting this business.

15. Child Care

If you love kids then you can do this job, generally today's time parents are busy in their jobs and they prefer child day care center for their kids.

child care
child care

You have to open a child day care center where you can take care of these kids until their parents return back. 

To start this business You have to advertise about your child care center in your area, where parents see that and come to ask you about it. 

You have to convince them to leave their kids with you for caring when they are at work.

16. Event Planning

Event planning is a high demanding business in today's time, because of busy schedule peoples won't be able to plan their Events and they prefer event planner.  

Event planning
Event planning

Here, if you can plan good events then there are chances to get a lot of orders from peoples.

In this filed you get orders in advance where you will have time to plan event.

17. Music Instructor

You can be a music instructor when you have knowledge about music, This job is good for part time work. 

Music Instructor
music instructor
Generally, this work is done in evening and it is good when you come from your office you can do this work.

18. Invite Creation

It a also a good part-time job where you can create hand made invitation creation.

Invite creation - part time job
Invite creation - part time job

You have to create invitations in good designs and make lots of money from it.

19. Pet Groomer

pet groomer - job
pet groomer - job

Pet groomers job you can get from pet grooming service providers, if you love pets then you can do this job. 

Also income is also high in this job.

20. Fashion Photographer

You can be a fashion photographer if you are passionate about fashion and photography.

Fashion Photographer - best part time job
Fashion Photographer - best part time job

Now-a-days in market lots of fashion designers are available and they want excellent photographs of their creativity for promotion purposes.

Also, you can do this job for magazines there always requirement for a excellent photographers. 

Also you will get websites on online who is purchasing photographs where you can sell your photographs.

These are some part-time online and offline jobs are available for everybody where you can make good money from these jobs. 

Check it which job is suitable for you. many peoples earning high income doing these jobs.

Final Review

40 Part time jobs online Work From Home in 2020, These are 40 Jobs that you can start from your home. 

These jobs generally peoples are doing for extra income, as per your skills you can choose anyone job which is able to pay you. 

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