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Friday, July 31, 2020

How To Get ISO 9001 Certification In 2020: Complete Guidance

How To Get ISO 9001 Certification In 2020: Complete Guide 

If you are a businessman or interested in business then you have to know about ISO 9001 Certification Because it helps to grow business, But the main thing is how to get this?

In this Article You'll see the Full process of ISO 9001 Certification in 2020.  

How To Get ISO 9001 Certification In 2020
How To Get ISO 9001 Certification In 2020: Complete Guide 

This article has been written considering modern society's new standards and regulations and regulation with industry practices.

First you need to understand what is actually ISO 9001 Certification And Why it is important in industry.

Understanding of ISO 9001 Certification

ISO (International Standard organization)  is Operated from Geneva Switzerland Actually it is a abbreviation for International standard organization. 

Basics of ISO 9001

ISO is a Quality management system, ISO gives Quality management system to your company or education centers. 

ISO is Independent Non-government organisation that means It has nothing to do with the government, And it has membership of 162 National standard Bodies, That means You do not have to go to the government for ISO. There are 162 people in India who have certification of the ISO, out of which you will have to obtain it.

ISO 9001-2008 Convert to 9001-2015 From September 2018, (9001-2008 is a quality standard) And it converted in (9001-2015 Same but converted). And it is a mark of Quality, Safety and Efficiency. ISO certification comes with a quality of product with safety and high efficiency.

For every industry ISO has different-different standards, Depending upon the nature of company get ISO certificate more than one, Is is a dealing of Implementation of high Quality Management system In each department of your business or organisation.

Easy way to get ISO 9001 Certification 

ISO 9001 is basically implementation of quality system for all departments of all organizations and also it is available for all size companies.

1. Objective 

For ISO 9001 certification you have to define your objectives to get ISO 9001 and it is very important to know that your organization really needs ISO 9001 or not. 

Defining objective helps to get business from other business parties ultimately helps to increase your profits. 

2. Appoint a responsible employee 

Appointing a responsible employee who will able to implement quality management system in the organization, the main role of this employee is to prove quality management system is beneficial for the organization through finding areas which is applying to quality management system.

The role of this employee is to create a model by studying the quality management system's model.

3. Prepare a layout

Layout means in simple language implementation in various departments of your organization.

Layout is based on every specific employee in department, actually not to consider each an every employee, it is considered as a team when they working on a same project.

Actually this quality management system model don't have any guarantee that it really works on your organization, when this happens you have to take a next step.

4. Setup Quality management system to trial  

Setup of Quality management system comes after the completion of layout. Actually it is a step of trial involving humans in real environment.

This setting of quality management system taking time as per size of your organization, it is a step of implementation of standards which is necessary for ISO Certification.

5. Audit/Analysis

In this step checking of obstacles coming in the way of implementation of quality management system. this will happens because of two major reasons, 

1.because of faulty system
2.Skill gap 

This have to be maintained because it is strictly checked by ISO 9001 manager.

6. Training

For implementation of quality management system in each and every department needs proper training of employees. 

It is also beneficial to reduce skill gap and also employees get aware about organisation for seeking of ISO 9001. 

The main objective of this step is to get coherent work and also creating magnificent team work between departments and teams.

7. Documents   

While auditing your organization the ISO 9001 manager will ask about documents that time you have to be prepared with all documents including company registration.  

Actually the main thing that they will check while auditing that your organization is functioning as per quality management system compliant. 

before final audit of ISO 9001 you have to take a external auditor to audit your organization.

8. Apply

After completion of all above steps you have to apply for ISO 9001 certification. usually this step comes after 3 months (it is time to complete all above steps).

For meeting of standards of your organization the ISO 9001 manager has to satisfy with the certifying agency by given checklist of quality management system that provided to you by certifying agency before.

9. ISO Audit 

In this audit they'll check your organization is compliant with ISO 9001 or not. If you get failed in their first audit then not to worry, If you get failed then collect checklist from an external agency from this you'll know where is to improve or change. 

This external agency studies the documents of you quality management system and also ISO certification, it helps to find value of your organization for ISO 9001 certification.

This is the actual procedure to get certified by ISO 9001 if you followed it correctly.

10. Monitor & Improve

Actually, when your organization certified with ISO 9001 first time it will be for only three years, For every renewal you need to qualify with ISO 9001 Audit because it is not a one time certification.

Because of this you have to continue with training of employees and continue with improvements of services that you are providing to your customers and many other things. 

Every time when you are going to apply for renewal check first that your organization met with all policies of ISO 9001 certification. 

For renewal you need to be confident about your organization and this confidence comes when you continuing the improvements and monitoring the quality management system time of implementation of new one. 

11. Resources

If you are a new comer for ISO 9001 certification, then you can search it on internet because lot of ISO 9001 resources are available on internet.

If your manger and employees needs assistance then you can buy resources from internet, because it helps to prepare for certification.

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