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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How to Rank 1 On YouTube Videos Fast Video - SEO Strategy YouTube

How to Rank 1 YouTube Videos Fast Video Uploading Strategy SEO YouTube

You might know about uploading videos on YouTube but there are very few people who will know what is the right way to upload videos on YouTube?

YouTube video uploading is Has become very famous all over the world to make money, become famous, or sharing our thoughts or many more. 

Many other platforms like YouTube are available in the internet world but YouTube is not like them at all. 

because YouTube is a very big and popular platform having second number on internet mostly viewed website. 

How to upload a video on youtube
How to uplaod a video on youtube

How to upload YouTube video?

To upload a video in YouTube is a very simple process, just see the right side of top corner you will get a option of create a video or post just click on it.

And you will get both option that you already created video uploading or video camera recording and uploading simply you can select the video or post that you want to upload on YouTube and click on upload button.

But in this article you will get how to upload YouTube video in best way to get more views and subscribers. 

Best way to upload video on YouTube open link  YouTube and click on upload, select the video that you want to upload and click on upload button then this window will be open.

After selection of video you will see this menu, so how to fill it,
if your video title is "my first video" so how will you write this in this title, "My First Video" yes every word first letter is capital, because it looks professional and it gives you ranking on this title. 

After your title if you want write one more keyword then you can write like this " My First Video | IN ENGLISH" or My First Video | In English" its covers your keywords and looks like professional and it helps to rank your video. it looks like in below picture.

Next box is description

To write seo friendly description firstly copy your video title and paste it in description box.  

After your little press enter two times and start writing about your video content.

Main thing that many forget give time in your description like 
up to 3 min- introduction of video
3-4 min - you shared strategy

Like this what you shared in your video just type in description what you shared in what timing, that will help to your viewers to watch that particular part what they want to watch.

post your social media link writing follow me on Instagram or Facebook.
post after that affiliate links of products.

write your email in below for Enquiry.
and in the last write thanks for watching.

Next step is thumbnail-

set up custom thumbnail and add it, your thumbnail looks like attractive that will able to get click  by viewers.

Selection of audience-

just select your video is made for kids or not.

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Age restriction-

as per your content you can use this otherwise choose option NO


if your channel is monetized with adsense then you can see this option. 


In this section you will get three options private, public, unlisted.
use unlisted while uploading video for if you want some changes it will be done in this section, after all is done then use public.


Schedule is the very important option while uploading your video you can just set timing in it what time your most of the viewers are free to see your video this option is very helpful. after this click on save and publish. 

After publishing your video again to to edit video and choose category in more options, this will also more important for ranking and to grow.


Tags Are very important last option in uploaded video, as per your video title write related tags in tags section, also our video is going to be rank on that tags.

Tags are last option in upload section, after this go to visibility and change it to public. your video is ready to boost.

I am sure you must have liked this article of mine, it is always my endeavor that you get complete information about this topic so that there is no need to search other sites.

This will save your time and you will also get all the information on this site. If you have any doubt in any of this and you feel that it should be improved, then you can tell in the comment below. 

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