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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Top 5 Job Interview Questions For No Experience

Unique 5 Job Interview Questions For No Experience

Today I want to look at how to prepare for an interview in English when I say prepare I'm not talking about making an appointment at the hair salon or picking out a clean shirt I'm talking about doing some research anticipating.

what you'll be asked and practicing how to respond yeah I know I'm always going on about preparation but this time it'snot just a suggestion it's essential if you do it right you'll be able to head into the interview feeling relaxed and confident and that will increase your chances of landing the job.

Top 5 Job interview questions
Top 5 job interview questions

Now here's the thing most interviews cover the same basic territory sure you might get a couple of curve balls but for the most part you can predict.

I don't mean script your answers it's pretty tough to appear authentic and natural while delivering a memorized response but you can outline your answers and practice your delivery so how do we go about doing that.

well let's start by talking about how to introduce yourself in an interview in English.

the old tell me about yourself question it's a amazing how many people are thrown by this question or fumble through an awkward response as they wait for the real interview questions but first impressions are important and you need a good answer for tell me about your self. 

my advice is to keep it succinct instead of rambling on keep it professional but show passion and keep it positive and if you need a formula try present past future how does that work.

Check out this example I'm currently a marketing manager with a medium-sized software firm since I was young I've loved writing and design and all things tech so in university marketing felt like the perfect fit and I went straight from college to IBM where I worked for five years. 

I'm happy with what I've accomplished but I'm really looking for a new challenge now and I love what you guys are doing in that example you heard me mention my current position my educational and work background and the change I want in the future if you master your. 

Tell me about your self pitch you can practice responding to the next most common English interview question. 

what are your strengths first?

don't don't give them a laundry list of random skills like well I'm good at communication organizing teamwork and I take the initiative all the time that's totally forgettable instead choose two or three important strengths that relate directly to the position you're applying for choose ones that will set you apart from others and give some evidence.

 so if you're applying for a marketing manager position you might say people tell me that I'm a creative manager I can motivate a team and make people feel appreciated.

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for example our team recently tackled a tough project for a really demanding client and did you notice that I said people tell me that I'm a creative manager it's not just your opinion you're telling them that other people think so too now I wouldn't necessarily take the same approach to the next type of question you're bound to face and which you probably dread answering the question,

what are your weaknesses question yes you're sure to get this question in a job interview so you'd better be ready for it three bits of advice first don't choose something that's actually a strength I'm talking about the old well sometimes,

I'm too much of a perfectionist they've heard that before it doesn't fly any more secondly choose something that isn't central to the position you're applying for thirdly talk about how you've worked to improve this weakness,

Let's say you're applying for a marketing manager position and you're asked about a weakness you might try something like this in the past I've struggled with public speaking giving presentations to large groups of people at a conference.

For example is a real challenge that said I've joined Toastmasters and I've been working hard to develop more confidence with this other good weaknesses to talk about being patient when working on a team delegating responsibilities giving feedback or analyzing data.

If one of those isn't central to the role it could be a good one to mention all right how about a quick recap of these tips first practice a good response - 

Tell me about yourself that's professional passionate positive and succinct second talk about strengths that are related to the job and set you apart from others and third talk about a weakness that doesn't blow up your chances of getting the position and that you've worked to improve that's all for today.

 If you found this article useful to you, I would love to know. 

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