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Saturday, June 20, 2020

5 Best Small Business Ideas For Women In 2020

5 Best Small Business Ideas For Women In 2020

In this article, you will get 5 best small business ideas for woman, girl, housewife can start in 2020, and from this business ideas women can earn very good profit.

These businesses that anyone can start easily because these are low cost investments and high profit businesses. to start this businesses you need to invest very little amount, If this article is read by housewives and girls, then they can start these businesses from very small levels or even from their home.

You will read this article completely because any idea can be your recording, which you can start and make your name.

In today's time everybody wants to do something, also women have done very big things in the country and abroad, and all girls want to do something in their lives so that they also have a name, fame, passion and also every girl feels that something should be done so that her parents are also proud.

If you are looking for business ideas you are at the right place.

Top 5 Business Ideas For Women's at home
business ideas for women

Business Ideas Any woman can do

1. Jewelry Making Business

jewelry making is a traditional business which you can start anytime, but before to start this business you can do some changes in designs which ever not available in market, and start it with your specified designs then can start it and make huge profit from it.

Jewelry making Business
Jewelry making Business

Jewelry making has two types of companies, 1. jewelry parts making 2. assembly with designs and selling Both companies have same profits, and to start this business you can buy parts from jewelry parts making company in wholesale rate and start assembling in your home, or setup manpower that they will help to assemble this jewelry to get high production of jewelry.

2. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts is business which ever gives you huge profits, and you can also start it from home.

Handmade gifts
Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts is a business gives you two selling option which are, sell directly online like amazon or flipkart. or open a shop and sell it there. in this business you can sell handmade gifts and you can buy related gifts whichever you can sell it in store.

3. voice over artist

Voice over artist needs where another voice is required like in new movies or in cartoon movies, in this category voice over artists are recruited for selling of their voice. No, that's not a job you can start agency where you can start start with 4-5 voice over artist and you'll get work from these movie making companies.

If you start this business from getting projects from directors or movies makers, or tie-up with companies that they are giving you projects where you can giving them voice over on their videos.

In this business it is not necessary that you only have to voice over, you can also keep some people with whom you want to voice over. your work is only send proposals to companies or get work from contractors and give it to you voice over artists, in this business very big amount will be given to you.

4. Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) Making Business

Incense sticks making is a big traditional business, and also you can start it anytime. It is a low investment business, to make incense sticks you need machinery which you can buy in low cost.

Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)  Making Business
Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)  Making Business

Because machine type is small and big you can buy preferable. as per your budget and and your customer rate you can buy machine and start it from home. the good reason is any house wife can start this business.

To start this business you need to buy raw materials, that are three types of powders and sticks,and good thing is you can tie-up with incense sticks making company and sell it to them, and they sell you sticks under their brand name, using this criteria you can make huge profit from this business.

5. Bindi (beauty spot) making

Bindi making business you can start from your home, in this business you need some raw material named as Velvet cloth and you need also printing machine. 

Bindi making business is also one of the big traditional business having high demand in market, Bindi is used by women, so women know more about this business than men.

Due to this region women can make some creative designs and sell it. try to increase your contacts in markets that will give you more selling and you can generate more profit from this business.

So, these are 5 Best Small Business Ideas For Women can start from their home  In 2020 with low investments. 

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