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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

12 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas 2020

12 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas 2020

Small scale business manufacturing business ideas in India that any technical or non-technical peoples having interest in this field can start this business. 

Many students while studying in college they are thinking about businesses that they can start after engineering, but due to lack of knowledge they not able to decide it which business they can start which manufacturing business is suitable for them.  

for them we have shared some ideas for small scale manufacturing business in India. these businesses required investment 70k to 90k.

manufacturing business ideas
 12 Ideas for small scale manufacturing business in India

  • Cookies and biscuits manufacturing  
biscuit is basically a bakery product, and biscuits and Cookies manufacturing business is a business that does not require much cost from you, And you can also increase this business over time.

Cookies and biscuits manufacturing
Cookies and biscuits manufacturing  

Raw material to start this business-

To make biscuits you need material is listed below,
    Milk & Butter

To give different flavors & verities to biscuits you need,

Also for packaging these biscuits you need 
    Packaging Machines
    Commercial mixer
Biscuit dropping machine, use of this machine is to give different sizes and shapes to the biscuits.
Commercial bakery Oven, use of this oven is to bake the cookies.

cooling conveyor, use of this conveyor is to cool biscuits. This is optional you can cool biscuits without conveyor also. 


manufacturing cost is 105RS/KG and selling price 120-125RS/KG.

Loan Approval

To start this business in small scale, You can get loan under PMEGP (prime minister's employment generation program) and Mudra loan. 

  • Pure Ghee manufacturing business
Ghee manufacturing business is highly demanding and highly profitable business where you can earn up to 5 lakh per month. you can start it from home and from factory. you can start this business with investment of 5-10 thousand.

Ingredients to make Ghee,

The vessel

Raw material to make ghee,

Pure milk

Pure ghee is highly demanding because peoples ask for pure ghee some gives advance for pure ghee, you can buy pure milk from buffalo and cow herd, there you get pure milk it very low cost. You can make pure ghee in two types from buffaloes milk and cow milk.

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  • Papad Business
Papad is a highly demanding food item, A lot of people like to eat it for breakfast too. In today's time, papad is very much liked and that too is a papad made by hands. This business has been going on for a long time, but its demand has increased very much in today's time, And you can earn a lot from it.

What you need to start papad business?

1. Licence

You need a licence for this business because this business is related to food production,

Where to get Papad making business license?
you can get licence from BIS or FSSAI,

Documents required for licence of papad making business,
1.Passport size photo
2. merit certificate
3. ration card, identity card, electricity bill
4.industry registry certificate
5. if this place is rented (rent agreement) and NOC if place of another person in your home.
6. declaration certificate on 20 rs stamp paper.

2. small investment
3. papad making machine
4. Raw material
5. training for papad production
6. selling of papad


If you starts papad business from home 10000-15000 rs.
If you starts from industry level you 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh.  

Loan for papad business

For papad business you get loan from any bank under government rules.

  • Candle manufacturing business
To start candle manufacturing business you have to do practice on it, It is also demanding for different different occasions if you designed it differently,

Candle manufacturing business
Candle manufacturing business

Material to make candle

1. paraffin invax (available on chemical stores and indiamart)
2. candle wick (available on amazon website)
3. color
4. paper cup

everything  is depends on designs, sells depends on how you design your candle.

  • Paper bags and envelop manufacturing

Now a days plastic bags are banned by government due to this reason paper bags are in high demand, paper bags are used in shopping malls, grocery shops, hospitals, food, gift shops.

Paper bags and envelop manufacturing
Paper bags and envelop manufacturing

Paper bags manufacturing is very simple and sells are high, also these types of bags are looks like attractive.

paper bags making machines are only available in countries India, china and European countries, and plastic banned in many countries. due to this reason you can also export this paper bags to other countries ans get high margin on it.

  • Handmade chocolate Manufacturing

Handmade chocolate is the only one business that suitable for 95% of peoples. In today's market 239000 tones chocolate consumed in 2019, and 21.4% Annual sales growth in average. 

Handmade chocolate Manufacturing
Handmade chocolate Manufacturing

If you start this business today, it is a highly demanding and highly growing business, because of that you'll get lot of things from this business.

You can start this business by cocoa beans and directly purchasing raw material to make chocolates,You can add dry fruits to its ingredients, also you can use milk. starting on small scale this business requires 5000 rs initial investment.

  • Manufacturing incense sticks
The business of making incense sticks is a very demanding business, you can also start small scale and commercially. 

Manufacturing incense sticks
Manufacturing incense sticks

Material required to make incense sticks,
1. bhut powder
2. jigat powder
3. Charcoal

Using Bhut powder, jigat powder and charcoal, mix it well called as premix, to make 10 kg of incense sticks you need mixture of 6.45 kg mixture and 3.60 Kg of sticks. 

After making incense sticks, you can perfuming it so that incense sticks of different fragrances are made and you can sell it.

  • Manufacturing of Fruit pulp, guava pulp, papaya pulp

Pulp is a soft moist part of fruit, it is not for immediate consumption, Now a days Pulp i highly demanding because it is use to make jams, jelly, sweets, and filling of baked products.

Manufacturing of Fruit pulp, guava pulp, papaya pulp
Manufacturing of Fruit pulp, guava pulp, papaya pulp

Its demand is growing day by day for baby food and organic food products and you can start this business to boost your revenue.

  • Imitation Jewelry Manufacturing business

Imitation jewelry manufacturing business you can start from 50000-75000 RS of initial investment, also you can expand this business in time. manufacturing imitation jewelry machines starts from price 26 thousand to 10 lakh rupees. you can start this business with 26 thousand rupees of machine.

machines required to make Imitation jewelry,
1. Chain making machine(as per designs you want to make)
2. polishing machine
3. shouldering machine

advantage of this manufacturing business raw material is available in every city.

  • Concrete blocks manufacturing business

Concrete blocks is a trending business because In today's time, Bricks has become very expensive. And bricks is unable to get the same quality. because of this reasons concrete blocks are in demand in Arab countries and Asian countries, And because of this concrete blocks are used a lot.

Concrete blocks manufacturing business
Concrete blocks manufacturing business

Profits margins are also very high in concrete blocks business, you can get 4-5 rupees / concrete block. 

Total investment for concrete blocks manufacturing business

Space requirement -  920 square guz
space Rent minimum 5000/month
floor - 100,000 rupees
room and bathroom for labor - 145,000
cement and sand - 50000- 60000
block machine - 115,000
Mixture machine - 200,000
tools - 50,000
Total investment cost is 6.5 to 7 lakh

  • Leather bags manufacturing business

This business have high market potential, and artistic leather goods have very good market and demand in Asian countries. main export market are USA, japan, Brazil and Canada. 

Leather bags
Leather bags manufacturing business

Place required to start this business is approx 3,000 sq.ft is enough, You can make ladies vanity bags, ladies purses, and gents wallets.

Raw material required for leather bags manufacturing business,
E.I tanned goat leather
silk lining cloth
poplin lining cloth
thread and adhesive

for selling this you can register with amazon and flipkart.

  • Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business

Bed sheet is used in almost every house hotels and hostels, and it highly demanding. due to this reasons bed sheet manufacturing business is highly profitable. and this business can start anywhere.

Bed Sheet
Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business

This business is divided in three models,
1. Make a sheet yourself and sell it in the shop
2. buy it from merchant and sell it in your shop
3. franchise
Bed sheet are made by cotton, polyester or re-sham. bed sheet are sold out in different sizes, single, double, semi double, king, long, pin size, or white double size bed sheets you can make.

Note. You get Finance for all these types of businesses form mudra loan.  

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