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Saturday, May 9, 2020

How To Sell Product In Crisis Time

How To Sell Product In Crisis Time 

customers are not buying because of crisis 

       How to handle the todays situation in business

How To Sell Product In Crisis Time If you are a business owner or you are a sales professional you still need to sell during this crisis, you still need to do something.

There is a chances for you will face a different different kind of objections and one of the most common objection that peoples getting for that purpose i want to teach you how to handle this in today's situation.

How To Sell Product In Crisis Time
How to make a sale successfully during crisis

I want to wait till Covid-19 is over then i will do something then i will purchase or then i will take action. In good time there is a chances are you will sell in a certain way using certain appeal. Chances are the approach that you take will be more inspiration-driven. 

Adapt the change →

What does that mean? 

-       It means that you are telling them, “hey, things are good, but it could be better.” You painting a picture in prospect’s mind.

How better things could be. Now during a crisis, economic downtown, you need to change approach. You don’t adapt a different way of closing. Instead of being inspiration-driven, chances are you will take a more pain-driven approach.
What do you mean by that?

   You are not telling then how great things would be because they know everything else is in downtime, we are in a financial crisis.

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how to convince someone influencing skill

   Maybe they don’t believe on that, may be they don’t focus on it, wow how great the future is, they’re thinking about stability. They’re thinking about survival. So you need to demonstrate to your prospects what they are missing out.

You need to educate them you need to tell them, what happens if they don’t do something?
What happens?

            What are the consequences if they don’t adapt, if they don’t change.

If you read till the end of this article,

 I’m going to give you exact moves, the exact script that you have to use to handle this objection.

Now, how do you know the way of handling this,  how do you know my closing method works during this crisis, during this economic downtime?

Well, don’t think about the word , here some of peoples that are closing sales and generating income from the comfort of their own house spite of what is happening out there in the marketplaces because they have the high income skill.

when i see that i thought what is going to happen with the corona virus.

Here’s what do you say, “what do you think is likely to happen?” you redirect that question. When they optimistic and,
 they say,  they state, "well, I believe it will last, perhaps simply one more month."

Furthermore, you state, "well, we should imagine it will separate. “what are you planning to do?”  Or do you just want to roll the dice “and everything that you’ve worked so hard for your entire life? And leave it at that.

Now you let them come to their own conclusions. Either way, doesn’t  matter they are optimistic. It doesn’t matter if they are pessimistic. 

At the point when your possibilities state, "well, I need to hold up until everything has returned to ordinary."

  do you think we’re going to get all jobs back and all the businesses will reopen, everything will back to normal and all the debt will be gone? “well, maybe not.”

Then you say,”Well, what if there a slight chance “that things will not go back to normal? “in fact  things will never be the same again. What are you planning to do? 

“doesn’t it make sense to do something, while we could still do something?” it is your job as a closer to educate, to inform, to empower your prospects, to help them overcome their fears, anxieties and uncertainties,Ignore the nay says, trolls.  

They’re saying,”well, how dare you to sell and promote “during this corona virus?” don’t let other people can do or don’t have the guts to do, to dictate what you should do.

 If you truly have a solution, a product, or a service that could help people during this crisis, you are morally obligated to get it out there, do everything you possibly could to get it in the hands of people. Yes, you will need to change your messaging. 

Yes, you will, teaching you need to present your offer differently and yes, you will need to position and package your solutions differently.

When this crisis is over, we will know who has been strategies and who’s been working hard and who’s been wasting time watching T.V and playing games.

We have updated our high-ticket close program, added new materials, new training's, teaching you not just how to survive, but thrive during this crisis.

How to develop a high income skill is skill that pays the  bills, is skills that allows you to work remotely.we’re going back to school without getting into debt, without investors, without whole lot of risk. All you need is your commitment and your efforts.

Q.why customer are not buying?

→ Many customers says i will look at to it after some days, i will buy after this after that this is the response you get after you present your product in front of him, and what is the meaning of this later means never it's a trick that customer is not interested in your product.

what is the psychology behind that, what you think your product is better than the others, NO. nobody buy because of product is good, customer is buying the product have reasons, you have to understand his need, why he need this product if you think this product is important to him you have to explain it why it is important to him.

Firstly you have to check, you have to understand that he needs it or not. firstly you have to understand that every product is not for everybody. customer is buying a product because he have a problem and he wants to solve it. 

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