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Thursday, May 21, 2020

How to Increase Concentration Of Brain Power And Memory Power

How to Increase Brain Power And Improve Memory Power Concentration

Do you know how to increase brain working speed, and how to increase brain strength? If not, this article is going to be full of information to you.

To do any business, it is very important to speed up your mind. Because the louder the brain, the larger the business and the better it will be. having increased brain power you can increase your business and profit. 

Just like doing any business in today's world is not easy, And in such a situation, if you have to increase your business or if you want to succeed in business, then it would be very important to increase the brain power.

Why some people's brain is such a speedy that they achieve success in their life at a very young age, Elon musk who made game at age eleven and sold his game in 500$ at age 12 who made. 

How To Speed Up The Brain
How To Speed Up The Brain 

First we have to understand what is happening with us that we need to speed up the brain? 

what actually happening in very young age, Talents are not being promoted except book studies. 

For some students who are clever in studies(book studies) for them it is okay,  but many students who have other talent than book studies, what is happening with them the teachers who are teaching who focus on that students who is engaged with studies not on them who is disengaged with studies.

And the results are disengaged students are more  disengaged because of Because they force them to rote because these students don't understand what actually is happening here, And these students only learn to rattle because of a situation that has no use in life.

Because of this situation imagination power, innovative mind, his original thinking gets killed by system. and main thing is they teaching them syllabus of 19th century and these 21st century kids don't get any interest in it.

jack ma the richest man in china says, to teach students develop the alternatives with these book studies, to develop these includes games that helps students to speed up there mind. 

Provide test like emotional test, intelligence test, creative test. actually how and where this student get perform well, this tests help to bring out his talent. and it is very important because The sooner we know the talent of the child, sooner that child does a wonderful job.


What is intelligence quotient?

Intelligence quotient is basically a brain capacity using these we can know about thing understand them, because of this capacity we can think different, to summarize or to recognize. 

many people says this intelligence quotient get by born, but this is wrong because science proved this will not get by born we can improve it in life. this intelligence quotient able to you think smarter and decision maker.


 how to alert your mind?

→ By changing the regular activities in our life you can make alert your mind.

Lets take it by example,

everyday we brush with our right hand, try changing it few days that means someday you start brushing with your left hand, what will happen is that your brain will be alert because the habit that has been around for so many years has changed so much that you have to keep your brain active, and so your brain will start to be alert, just change your daily habits so your the brain will always be alert. 

Improve your imagination-

How to improve our imagination?

→ To improve imagination power just do one thing start reading magazines and novels before sleeping time, why you have to do this because reading  this magazines and novels our brain starts to imagine that things.

Like when you were a child, your mother would tell you stories and so the same picture would come in into your brain, what will happen is that we can reach even what we don't have or don't have in front of us, and you look, all the big experiments have come to reality because of imagination.

If possible , have protein breakfast like like eggs, almonds, oats paneer that helps you, and in results mind alertness increases that increases your skills.

Exercises that increase your brain power-

→ Do reverse things, for example if you if you are drinking a cup of coffee or tea with your right hand, do the opposite. 

Hold the cup with your left hand and drink tea or coffee, that means whatever you do with your right hand, you do with your left hand, what happens is that whatever your brain is accustomed to is like this, when you start doing it opposite everyday things, the sleeping part of your brain  will also wake up and the brain will be alert.

Try you daily activities with your eyes closed- 

→ Try to do your daily activities with your eyes closed, what does that mean, if you switch off/on your fan or switch on/off your tube light try it by closing your eyes. what is scientific reason behind that your mind is more alert when you do your regular things with your eyes closed. 

Because if you do these things with your eyes closed, you will realize that your mind is more alert, your mind more active. if you take a example of blind man they will do things good because that time when you don't see anything your mind start getting improve, that is results improve in concentration.       


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