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Sunday, May 24, 2020

How To Convince Someone For Change Their Mind - Psychological Facts

How To Convince Someone Influencing Skill   

In today's time, whether a business is online or offline, you have to convince peoples. So how to convince someone influencing skill   
 it is very important to understand how to convince peoples, Have to sell anything or provide services to anyone, 

we have to explain to people why they have to buy it, yet people do not buy it why it happens only the convincing skills matters how you are convincing to them. 

How To Convince Someone Influencing Skill
How To Convince Someone Influencing Skill

If we talk about today, then people are very busy, in such a situation, if we start any new business, then people do not look much like it, In such a situation, how to convince people anywhere, we will understand it today. 

major tips -

Top tips that you can convince to anyone, anywhere.

We have to understand this by example-

1. if your friend calling you again and again and you are resting that time and you are not answering it, why does this happens because you know he/she is my very close friend and Will pick up his phone, talk to you later.

Let's take it example of married couples and what happens here, when you are busy or working in office or company your wife calls you and when you picks up the phone what your wife  ask you, what did you eat? 

For that reasons you avoids her phone or you are trying to skip that. And if someone told you that your wife was seen in the market with someone else what happens in this situation you will start calling him from the front, when she calls you will pick that phone within a second. 

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 What does that mean?

As long as she was with you, you were relaxed, it's yours, but now she's not yours, then you started picking up all her phone calls, calling from the front, that is all are going to be useless.

When you know this thing is very low, its price goes up a lot, and when you know that you have a lot of thing, its price goes down a lot.

If you understand above example so you can understand the golden statement given below very well.

1. In any sales or business proposals or presentations, if you can show them the limitations, then they will listen to you soon.

2. Build good relationships with peoples, and when good relationships are built and people can't say no to you.

3. Where there is a lot of trust, the decision is made very quickly.

If anyone sells gold sitting on the street, then people will leave because they are selling him brass.

If someone met you on the street and said i am in a lot of trouble, and i am selling my watch, i have a bill and guarantee card for this watch , i used to buy it for fifty thousand and now i am selling it for twenty thousand.

So would you buy that watch?

→NO, why because he's a stranger, you don't know him. the more faith you have, the more results you will get.

4. Try to give gifts to customers, because gifts are helping to build relationships and trust with customers with seller.

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To get succeed in sales business offline or online sometime it has been mandatory to tell sometimes it is necessary to tell them why it is important for you, "why" is very important in sales, because only this "why" will help to make a sales because when customer knows this,

Why i have to buy this what is the reason behind that, if you educate them about it guaranteed the sale is made successfully and in results automatically the the trust has been built with a good relationship.


Here is the complete information about convincing skill, I liked it the most that implementing this skill , How To Convince Someone Influencing Skill can lead to success in any business, and I would recommend these skills to implement in my life. 

You must implement these skills in your business or personal life.

If you have any queries about this, then you can ask me in comment section i will love to resolve your queries.

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