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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

How To Control Mind And Emotions - Business Mind

How To Control Your Mind And Emotions In Every Situation 

Everyone knows that our mind is everything and it controls our life, the main thing is what our mind thinks everything depends on it, your emotions your sentiments and everything what happens in life.

How to control your mind and emotions
How to control your mind and emotions 

Everyone knows about mind how it works, but very few people know how to control our mind and emotions? Maybe you know what mind control is? what is its importance? why is it important to learn? 

But  there are many people who are not aware of all these matters. in the same article, i will tell you detail about how to control our mind and emotions.

Ask yourself What is everyday?

→1. chance to do something new  2. troubles of life
ans- chance to do something new.

But what many peoples says, everything i have is rubbish.
and controlled mind says, everything i have is special.
this problem is because of lack of suggestion, the problem is peoples are not suggesting themselves. it is because missing of golden statement.

another example of it is,
1.are you wake up early for going to college?
2.are you wake up early for going to school?
Answer is- No


But if travel somewhere you wake up before alarm goes off 
lets think about it, why this will happened because of mind gives automatically suggestions that is depends on situation what is important for you, it is very important to go , travel, i have to go.

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-The perfect live example of this is Muhammad Ali- what he says,
the mind has to explain so much that half the battle should be won before going to the ring. this this is very simple thing.

Martial Art - Block And Punch Strategy
Martial Art - Block And Punch Strategy

In martial art training there is one important thing that they will teach BLOCK AND PUNCH, if anyone attacks they will block his and punch, it is a very fast process why this happened because they trained minds its directly reflex action. 

Here the main challenge is, it needs physical and mental engagement. That's why don't give negative instructions to mind, always give positive instructions to your mind .
lets take another example of a heart broke girl,

heart broke girl
heart broke girl

She told me once, i will never think about my past, i will never think about that guy who broken my heart, she says i will never think of him in home, in school, in college, or in office.

I will learn the books i will concentrate on my future, she is giving positive instructions to mind.

let's take another example of air hostess,

air hostess
Air Hostess
 when you are traveling in flight and air hostess instructs to passengers, put your seat belts up right, instead of that if air hostess instructs like this, "Dear passengers our plane has fallen into the clouds"

what happens in plane, everywhere is tension tension and tension, and she says don't take stress, and passengers will starts taking stress like oh god oh god because she is giving negative instruction, yes. 

That is why they teach air hostesses, don't say don't take stress, only you have to say fasten your seat belt and seat comfortably. and passengers feel like relaxing passengers are not taking tension, but they say don't take stress then the stress comes first.

discipline will have to be brought into life if you want successful and it is very important.

when life will be difficult, in tough time you have only two choices that is LEARN or BLAME. you don't blame you have to learn. not to worry do rumination. because worry is like pyre, what you want in depression time endless hope or hopeless end yes endless hope.

How do you do this, becoming a possibility scanner, search possibilities, but peoples are searching difficulties, don't find difficulties find possibilities. because swami Vivekananda said, the golden statement,

swami Vivekananda's golden statement
swami Vivekananda's golden statement

once Einstein said,
once Einstein said
once Einstein said
You need consistency, because everything is possible by consistency, once swami said, "A drop of water repeatedly falls on stone also rips the stone".

first time you will not get results, 

Horse Riding
Is horse riding the rider or  rider riding the horse?

Look at the picture, what do you think about it,
is horse riding the rider or
rider riding the horse?

→let's think by example, horse is running on road and in road and potholes came in the way that time horse man said jump horse jumped again and again this will happened but once horseman not instructed to horse jump but the magic is horse jumped and now the horse riding the rider it becomes a pattern.

It is because of rite, the golden formula is,

    rite→idea→business→publicity→business⇉ dreams come true

If anything negative is happened in your life then take care of two things 1. in every negative incidence have positive intent, look at positive intent search it

It becomes like the cat went to hajj after eating a hundred rats, and now if she is going, then let's her go, don't stop her, if you trying to stop her she will ate again two hundred rats. if someone is doing a good job, let him do it.

its very simple thing, now repent what would happen when the bird came and went in field, repent of it otherwise it will happen again. everyday it will happen. you have to correct pattern, its your responsibility.

How to be mentally stable?

How to be mentally stable
How to be mentally stable

→ First you have to know what makes you mentally unstable, 
for example, relationships are just gives you so much thoughts, efforts and you get nothing back from it. 

That peoples whose approval you're willing to destroy your mental health and giving you stress and negativity. peoples are doing this again and again, you have to think about it, if you are suffering in same conditions too.
  • tendency- tendency to want everybody to like you- that means you given your all happiness to them, that in results makes mentally unstable.
  • blame- every time you feel there is something wrong or pointing a a finger to other person you an find instead of  that if you trying to solve a problem without pointing fingers at others then you are doing things in right direction that gives you mental stability. 

EMOTIONS - Everyone has emotions, animals, humans. but humans have one ability that to express the emotions, the main problems where to enhance, where we are losing control on our emotions that makes us weaker that results increased our problems.
main thing is if we can able make control on our emotions that makes changes in life.

In this articles you'll gets tips that can helps you to get control on your emotions.

we are talking to ourselves, there are always something going on in our mind this is called as self talk, if this will happening without your involvement that will kill your emotions & feelings
but if you aware of this you will become emotionally strong. if your aware of you self talk that will results decreasing negativity.

Positiveness - what is positiveness, Let's take it by example,
think of that peoples who listens you, people who do not give you courage to listen to your dreams but make fun of them, that peoples who enjoys negativity, that same peoples you are living with will make you Emotionally week, these peoples will steal that positiveness from you. 

Only to be positive you have to avoid these types of peoples & Spend the least time with these people, if that is necessary.

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