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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Instagram for Business Account - A Complete Study Of Instagram

Instagram for Business Account - A Complete Study Of Instagram 

In today's world everybody use social media and as you know one of them most active Instagram, and one billion peoples are using it for business in this article we will understand about how to use social media for small businesses.

Instagram for Business Account
Instagram for Business Account
Everybody wants to expand his/her business in world but how is it possible, yes in today's world 1 billion+ active users on social media and social media giving you opportunity to expand your business directly on it or through advertisements. 

Good reason to use it because of 1 billion active users on social media it is a great platform to get J curve to your business.

 If you have a business or do you want to start a business and you want to take your business to next level and want to reach right customers worldwide then you are at the right place.

 Learn how to sell on social media

→ If you have this question in mind then here is the step by step process, are you selling products or services and want to reach more customers worldwide for this purpose Instagram is the best option. 

Because Instagram have 1 billion active users and many are using this to selling purpose, because Instagram providing the option to reach at the right customers.

 How to market your product on Instagram

→To show the products or services no need to have millions of followers to publish product you can promote directly your Instagram post through promote tab giving options to promote in any country and in city.

Steps to reach right customers using Instagram Business account.

  •  take picture of your product and write about it in   description and upload it on Instagram. 
  •  open that post that you want to show to peoples, in right corner below there is a tab of promote click on it.
  • there will  be one more tab opened of Facebook login. you have to connect Facebook with Instagram by logged in through Facebook. 
  • there one window of promotion will be opened of destination ( destination means how can customers contact to you there you can provide your website link and another options are your profile and direct messages) choose the method that how your customers can contact you.
  • the next step is audience - you can choose audience by automatic or manually (in manual option you have to select location there you want to promote your post, and another option is choose age and gender that your product is suitable for.
  • next tab is budget and duration you can adjust your budget and duration how much days do you want to promote that perticular post.
  • in next tab you will get preview your promotion how it look like in promotion.
  • last step is create promotion  

How many active users on Instagram in 2020

→ Instagram have 27 million active users which is giving more profitable than other platforms to generate more revenue and right place for the business to reach right customer having J profitability curve.

How many businesses running on Instagram in 2020

→more than  twenty five million business accounts are on Instagram that providing J curve growth to business.

peoples are really buying from Instagram promotion tabs

→through Instagram advertising 814.7 Million impressions daily generated through promotional tabs, that means Instagram showing 815 million times to peoples, that means minimum 30 millions sells generated through only Instagram.

How much Instagram worth

→ Estimated value is $102.02 B, Instagram is worth 5.1 X as much as snap chat and 5.99 X as much as twitter.


How to know about our business is ready to run Instagram ads or not?

→ If you have business that selling anything like products, services, courses, books, food. etc. and your business is able deliver that all country or only your city or worldwide then your business is ready for Instagram ads in 2020.

These Instagram ads will help to build organic audience, that results your business gets audience directly more followers more sales because you already have audience, firstly before investing money into Instagram ads.

-Two things that boost you sales, first you have to build audience (followers) and offer your product to them & run ads on Instagram choosing your country or city that you can deliver your product and boost your sells directly, and that also gives you audience that will buy your future products directly from you and gets J curve to your business.   

How much do Instagram ads cost 2020

→ its depends, on your campaign and how much peoples will see your product per day and how many days you want run your Instagram ads. 

How do you advertise on Instagram 2020

→ to advertise on Instagram you need your product/services (that you want to sell) picture, you have to upload this picture in your  Instagram business account you will see in right below corner blue promote button just click on it, connect your Facebook account with Instagram business account, choose country/city and gender with age that you want to show your ads, and run your ads campaign.

Are Instagram ads worth it

→ yes, many big brands are using Instagram ads generating millions of dollars, if you are not multi-millionaire brand, and because of Instagram ads looks like pictures shared Instagram giving you opportunity to build your audience and generate sells. and of Instagram ads looks like pictured shared.             

How can i advertise on Instagram for free

→ if you have already an audience you can share your post on Instagram story and in Instagram post that will turned automatically ads means it will works like ads only if you have organic ads.

Do Instagram ads really works

→ yes, Instagram ads work because you get option to add direct response from peoples or redirect to your business website or to your YouTube profile. 

How to pay for Instagram ads

 → opening post promote tab you'll get the option to pay by your debit cards, credit cards and your wallets.

How does advertising on Instagram works

→ Instagram shows your ads to peoples when they are sliding stories and crawl there Instagram account, and peoples see these post as sponsored ads having options slide up, this slide up option redirect to your direct responses and and any other social media account, website & YouTube.

How do you add ads to Instagram stories stories

      Go to your Instagram account.
    1.  select picture you want to promote.
    2.  right side below of picture you'll see promote button click on it.
    3. choose option how and where to promote your post, there you will get the option to add ads to Instagram stories.


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